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bLA Reader Edwin Z: “Pure & Unfiltered Awesomeness”

We sent Edwin, one of our contest winners, to the Wolf Parade show this last weekend. We are very happy because Edwin had a good time. Edwin, your smilin’ little face (which we can’t actually see, but if we could) makes it all worth while.

Here’s Edwin’s review of the show: “First off, I want to thank LA Metblogs for the tickets to the show. Thanks to taking a heavy load of summer classes and shitty hours at work, I’ve been dreadfully low on cash. It’s nice to be able to go out again without worrying about how short I’m going to be on rent this month, so thanks Lucinda and Metblogs!

My friend and I got to the Fonda just as Listening Party was starting their set. They were very good. A lot of eclectic songs, with sampled beats, delay pedals, and what I’m pretty sure was a drum set made of plastic buckets. I wouldn’t call them rip-offs though; they did things their own way and kept the crowd going better than most other opening bands. I recommend their track “Swift Runner”, which is available on their MySpace page.

Wolf Parade, though, was incredibly fucking amazing. I wasn’t sure how they would be live, but… Continue reading bLA Reader Edwin Z: “Pure & Unfiltered Awesomeness”