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The Importance of, and Incentives to, Vote (Read: Freebies!)

The gray represents countries without electoral democracy, according to think tank Freedom House.

So.  Did you vote yet?  Are you parading your “I Voted” sticker arrogantly the way people at Coachella breathed, lived, and slept in their wristbands?  No?  Well then.  Get on it.  Where’s My Fucking Polling Place is self-explanatory.  Use it if you need it.

If you don’t know what on earth is going on because you were the type of person who partied the night before the big final exam, studied a little bit in the morning, and went on to set the curve (no, I’m not bitter at all), there are a few last minute study materials readily available: reliable ol’ Smart Voter has the full text of the measures and candidate statements; the LA Times’ Voter Guide (with their endorsements) is available here; and GOOD Magazine put together a 51-page behemoth of a guide here.  Red pill, blue pill: make your choices wisely.

Too apathetic to vote?  Yes, me too, almost: because nothing gets you out of bed faster than the promise of a free meal and/or drink,  the powers that be will bestow a heap of free things upon you if you vote.  Flashing your “I Voted” sticker at the following establishments will earn you:

[I’m updating the above list as the day goes along.]

Oh, and I guess you can get an “I Voted” badge on FourSquare, if you’re into that sort of thing, but  I might officially check out of the app after seeing the number of people check into the San Francisco riot last night.  What, pray tell, exactly is the thought process behind checking into your local riot?  Anyway, whether you’re voting because it’s your civic duty or because the carrot is too appetizing and too free to pass up, just get on out to the polls.  That will be the one productive thing you’ll do today.

* The research and data behind the map can be found on Freedom House’s website.

What’s a California Voter to Do?

In the run-up to the June 8 California Statewide Direct Primary Election, I have been getting bombarded with printed material in the mail, probably three pieces per day on average.  And it’s damned confusing.  A bunch of candidates vying for the same position (such as Assembly Member), often with very similar-sounding positions.  Tit-for-tat attack pieces sent on alternate days by candidates and the special interest groups who oppose them.  What’s a voter to do?

For starters, do a little research.  Check out the websites of the candidates for their stated positions and their records.  See who endorses and opposes them.  Enlighten us here through your comments.  Check out your Voter Guides if you have been sent them.  Then read the fine print on some of those special interest group pieces.  Often, the groups with the loftiest-sounding names (Citizens For a Fair Economy, Moms For Health Care Justice, Girl Scouts for Puppies) are primarily backed by big corporations which may not have your interests in mind.

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Did you go and vote yet?

As I’ve been saying, voter turnout is expected to be AROUND TEN PERCENT today –


Please take a moment to go and vote – I voted for Moore (yeah bring on the attacks; I can take it) and against all the Props, especially B which gives a monopoly to the unions and does pretty much the opposite of what it claims (another shock).

Lastly, if you don’t vote, I don’t want to hear any of your bellyaching about what goes on around here. I’m disgusted that our motto has gone from “E Pluribus Unum” to “Can’t Somebody ELSE do it?”