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Was Szabo Being Szexist?

matt-szaboMayor Villaraigosa’s Press Secretary Matt Szabo has definitely embraced the use of his new Twitter account to spread City Hall’s message – whatever that is. But, he may want to watch what he tweets.

We already know about the twagic mistake of tweeting for MJ donations in the name of Tony. Now, there’s this:

This “meanest city” report really is weak on the facts and methodology. Casey Hernandez (a woman btw) gets it right. http://bit.ly/XNvjs

The Twitter update is at least consistent with the Angry Matt Szabo theme. It’s the “a woman btw” comment that bothers me. What exactly does that mean? Is he amazed that she got something right, in spite of the fact that she is a woman?

It certainly raises an eyebrow. It could become a political nightmare for a mayor whose own Twitter account is more of a Szabo Retweeter than anything else.

Mayor’s Secretary Gets Tweefensive

matt-szaboYou probably think local politics are a joke. Mainly, because of the Jokey McJokersons that run the place. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t know who Matt Szabo is. I didn’t.

Matt Szabo is Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s press secretary. His name is popping up a lot more lately, thanks to a mayor with a hectic dating life and the secretary’s brand new Twitter account. Szabo joined “twitterworld” as he called it on July 1, to “provide useful/helpful info on mayor v’s views & his administration’s positions.”

Views on what? Lu Parker?

I only discovered Szabo’s tweets after seeing his re-tweeted rebuttal of LAObserved. I was fascinated to discover how defensive he is when posting:

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BREAKING: Newsom is Running for Governor

gavinnewsomSan Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officially announced what we already knew – he is running for Governor of California.

So, what about Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

Publicly, we’ve only seen him smile for the camera and tell us how much he loves the job he has. He’s kind of like that girlfriend you once had that was already sleeping with someone else while still living in your house. Bitch.

Give it to us straight, Tony. Are you running or not? We kinda need to plan for our city’s future, with or without you. Thanks.

The Decline Of Los Angeles

Good question. Why ARE we re-electing that smarmy son of a bitch?

Today, Curbed linked to a Joel Kotkin editorial in Forbes about the sad state of our city. I think it’s spot-on. Just a few nuggets:

From real estate to unemployment, the city has suffered under Antonio Villaraigosa.

L.A. seems to be fading rapidly toward irrelevancy. Its economy has tanked faster than that of the nation, with unemployment now close to 10%.

Virtually every major initiative from Villaraigosa has been a dismal failure; from a poorly executed program to plant more trees to a subsidized drive to refashion downtown Los Angeles into a mini-Manhattan.

Villaraigosa, according to a devastating recent report in the LA Weekly, spends remarkably little time–about 11%–actually doing his job. The bulk of his 16-hour or so days are spent politicking, preening for the cameras and in other forms of relentless self-promotion.

Read the entire thing here. Then leave us a comment.

I know how I felt when I read it: Godsdammit, he’s right. When does the frakkin’ revolution begin?

Mayor Goes Back in Time With City Council

Villaraigosa has a new Facebook app asking you to pledge allegiance to him. Behold:


It is not the fact that he claims to be “bringing us together,” or that he is “getting things done,” that bothers me most. Instead, it is the disturbing trend in political head shots featuring the coat over the shoulder. The one that says, “Hey, I’m just like you, voter. I’m taking off the tweed and rolling up the shirt sleeves to make this a better city.”

It should be noted that Antonio isn’t the first to channel his inner 80’s. Tom LaBonge of District 4 does it on his $25,000 website:

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Bums to throw out first: Reyes, Alarcon and Villaraigosa

My approach to politics has always been, “If you don’t like what’s going on in your government, THROW THE BUMS OUT.”

Sure, it’s simplistic and may not be ultra-effective, but a big part of why our entire government is FUBAR is because these jerks get in there, get comfy, get corrupted, get busy SCREWING US, and NEVER LEAVE.

Even without weeks of time to research the individual scumbags (face it, who else wants to get into government?), one very effective tool is still THROW THE BUMS OUT. And if we do it for every election, we’re bound to get a good one. Or a less horrible one. Or at least a different one. (Yes, term limits are the lazy man’s method, but they sometimes take too long to go into effect.)

Don’t care much for those electronic billboards? I did a post about the one in Silver Lake and got lots of complaints about a lot of other ones.

Wanna know who just voted AGAINST banning them?

Richard Alarcon
Tony Cardenas
Bernard Parks
Ed Reyes

Up for re-election: Reyes and Alarcon.

VOTE AGAINST THEM and while you’re at it call their offices and tell them why. This really makes them crazy.

Oh and PLEASE don’t forget the biggest bum of them all: Antonio Villaraigosa – on the job a full ELEVEN PERCENT of the time he’s been in office, and really that was just to get his picture taken.


Little-known fact: Voter turnout for these elections is so alarmingly low that even a few hundred votes can swing an entire election. Let’s keep the momentum from last November – VOTE!

Mayor stars at Sunset Strip fundraiser to defeat Proposition 8

A quarter of a million dollars is raised to fight the proposed anti-gay amendment.

Sunday night at the Mondrian Hotel’s Skybar brought out a sizeable chunk of gay Hollywood and those who love them (and also recognize their power.) The filled-to-capacity event raised close to $250,000 to benefit  Equality California and Love Honor Cherish, two key organizations that have mobilized to defeat Proposition 8, which would amend the California state constitution to eliminate marriage rights for same sex couples.

Chad Allen, Heather Tom, Eric McCormack, Dana Delaney, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Thomas Roberts, Katherine Joosten, Eduardo Xo and Loni Anderson  were some of the boldface names in attendance.

But it was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the true star of the evening, who wowed the crowd not only with his announcement of his $25,000 donation to the campaign to defeat Proposition 8, but also with his passionate speech that embraced the gay community and took aim at the backers of prop 8, calling their intent “bigotry.”

Villariagosa linked the cause to defeat prop 8 to the civil rights movement, recalling his outsider status as a Latino who had to fight his way into a city politic dominated by a white world. He cajoled and coaxed the crowd into giving more than they already had given; in this case $100 was the minimum donation to attend the event. The mayor also made light of the whiplash nature of his evening, having come directly from a function at the Reagan Presidential Library prior to the Mondrian fundraiser.

A silent auction was an aspect of the benefit, with everything from a Gus Van Zant-signed script of his forthcoming film, Milk, (about Harvey Milk, the gay San Francisco council member who was gunned down because of his championing of gay rights legislation) to a noninvasive  “lipo-smoothing” session ( I don’t even want to know what that is) to a wedding cake with same sex “toppers.”

Somehow, I didn’t fall into the pool in the dizzying swirl of elites. But in an election season where the future of the country is at stake, the point was also made that my future as a gay man in California is  also up for grabs.

More coverage at Out in Hollywood.

Does Ed Boks Hate Puppies?

I have a pretty strong stomach. I can handle roller coasters, the open sea, and blood, and while the smell of vomit slows me down, it doesn’t knock me over. But this has me frighteningly close to blowing chunks. As “Not An Animal Activist” passionately posted, “The first quarter 2008 numbers are out. Sadly there was a huge increase in cat and dog intake and euthanasia in Los Angeles City animal shelters. Things are now worse than before Antonio Villaraigosa became Mayor, before he hired his friend so called “nokill” guru Ed Boks to head the Department. Today his Director released a statement confirming his dismal performance while blaming others for his failure.”

Dismal performance, indeed. Boks admits to increases in intake and euthanasia on his blog, writing that “we at LA Animal Services are as disappointed with these results as are our critics.” Okay–I guess disappointment is one of the feelings inspired by the news that as of now, euthanasia has gone up 24% since last year, and intake 20%. Better adjectives to describe the range of emotion I’m feeling include outrage, helplessness, and sorrow.

In an analytical rant, “Not An Animal Activist” blames Boks’s “numbers games” and propensity for “warehousing” animals for the surge in intake and euthanasia. Read it and weep, then tell me what the hell to do. As it is I give my time and money to a no kill shelter. What next?

Meanwhile, Boks writes that “marketing is not our strong suit at the moment. We don’t have a public relations staff, nor do we have a volunteer coordinator at the moment to run our mobile adoption program.” Why not? This is Los Angeles. There are a lot of creative, passionate, animal-loving people here with free time and experience in public relations and marketing. Surely Boks could find one, or two, or five to share the volunteer duties of running a mobile adoption program and marketing older, bigger dogs. So, why isn’t it happening? Boks is supposed to provide leadership, not vom-inducing excuses.