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Recycle Your Electronics, Save The World

RT @ginnycase Are you hoarding an old computer?

It’s time to let go of that first generation iPod, Broseph. Ginny Case Twittered about Neuwaste Business Recycling’s collection event for electronic waste on February 28th in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles.

A list of accepted items… right after the break.

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Metro’s Twitter Goes Bilingual

Your ATM does it. Your kid’s toys do it. Even Disneyland does it.

Now, Metro joins the club by tweeting in both English and Spanish. That’s very nice of them, unless you don’t want to read the exact same update twice. The tweet pictured above popped up this morning – four minutes after an identical update in English. Nobody likes a repeater. Nobody likes a repeater.

Maybe it’s time for Metro to run separate accounts?

Tal vez es hora de metro para ejecutar cuentas separadas?

Mayor Delegates His Twitter

LA Tweeps giggled with glee when Antonio Villaraigosa, the Mayor of Los Angeles, started Twittering. Many, including our own Sean Bonner questioned the legitimacy of the account. After all, @villaraigosa‘s updates consisted of nothing more than “thanks for the follow.” What is this, amateur hour?

Anyhoo… I just noticed his last update, from December 12:

Sounds like the baton has been passed to an intern. So, any hope of Tony the Tiger tweeting about hitting the Galleria with some hot side action has gone completely out the window.

Twitter on our community “LAfirestories” twitterfeed.

You can twitter about your experiences, concerns & ideas without creating a twitter account.

In addition to the email for your fire stories, concerns & questions (see post below this one), I’m also conducting an experiment: I’ve created a twitter account that anyone can login to and twitter about the fire, whether it’s just about your experience or whether it’s breaking news. I’m hoping no one abuses it. Let’s see what happens:

Twitter your fire story from LAfirestories at twitter.com: http://twitter.com/LAfirestories.

To login: You can login with the email metblogsfirestories (at) gmail (dot) com (of course please change the “dot” to a . and the “at” to an @, and remove any spaces). Your password is bigdumbfire.

I dunno if anyone will use it, but I’m curious to see how it’ll work.

Your stories are LA’s stories

We at metblogs can’t cover the fire like TV can, but we do one thing that I think we do better than almost anyone, and that’s sharing personal stories about what it’s like to live in LA.

And right now, it’s a little scary to live in LA.
I want to open Metblogs LA up to your stories:
If you have a story of gratitude towards firefighters, neighbors, or family;
if you want to share what your experience has been like;
if you have a message to get out;
if you’d like to ask for support;
if you’re seeking legal/insurance advice;
–and I personally am seeking stories about how we can help (do the shelters need food, water, or toilet paper? do the fire stations need food or gatorade for firefighters? what can we DO?)

–please send anything you’d like to share with the community to metblogsfirestories (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’ll be posting them all in some sort of wiki or a new little blog dedicated for this purpose. I reserve the right to edit them for language (although as I’m sure you’ve all gathered, I don’t have much of a problem with foul language), for spelling, and for clarity.

You can also e-mail your photos to that account as well. I’m sure we can do video too (please use a file-sending website like yousendit.com, don’t email the video file directly). I’m working on building a container for all your info now.

Blu LA Cafe Has Opening Day Twitters

In the age of Twitter, you had better bring you’re ‘A’ game. Especially if you’re opening a new restaurant.

The highly anticipated opening of Blu LA Café next to Cole’s in Downtown Los Angeles is today. From the tweets of @5thandspring, it isn’t going so well:

  • heading over to blu la cafe to pick up lunch for me and @jimw about 1 hour ago from web
  • Waiting to order lunch at Blu LA Cafe about 1 hour ago from twitterrific
  • Lots of nervous energy from the waitstaff and owners. No turkey panini today, they don’t know their menu yet. Stressing me out. 42 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • Blu LA Cafe messed ip my order so leaving to to to Raw Materials empty-handed. 31 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • 30 minutes later and Blu LA Cafe hasn’t delivered the lunch order they took 20 minutes to screw up. Phone goes straight to voicemail. 9 minutes ago from twitterrific

UPDATE (2:07):

Los Angeles welcomes Sterling Cooper!

Travel brochure from the Mad Men scrapbook.
Travel brochure from the Mad Men scrapbook.

Don Draper and Peter Campbell are flying out from Madison Ave., New York on Sunday, representing the Sterling Cooper advertising agency at an aerospace convention. Ever since President Kennedy made that crazy promise to put a man on the moon before 1970, everyone has wanted a piece of the action.

Between wining and dining congressman on their abilities to help secure contracts, I’m sure those boys will fit in some fun time away from the wives.

Since the pair are sharp enough to have recently taken up Twittering, I don’t think its too presumptuous to think they’ll be looking here for suggestions on watering holes or restaurants they should patronize… of course, these places will need to exist in 1962, and they should probably be serving Canadian Club.

Of course, there’s Musso & Frank’s and the Formosa… any other joints this pair should visit?