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“Biggest Geek Ever”: Banned from Chateau Marmont for Tweeting

Apparently, Chateau Marmont would like to keep its hallowed grounds Twitter-free out of respect, I assume, for the privacy of their guests who often do insane things.  Jenn Hoffman found out the hard way: she was having a perfectly normal dinner, “there’s a few different celebrities there, no big deal.”  (Aside: That is your LA moment, right there.).  She catches Rachel Hunter engaging in all sorts of crazy, tweets about it, and then, when trying to make another reservation recently, discovers she’s been banned for tweeting about the incident.

Whether there’s an unsaid rule against tweeting and whatnot, I don’t know, because I’ve never been to the Chateau – my LA moments involve being stuck in traffic – but what say you?  How do you even enforce a rule like that?  If celebrities and marginally famous people and not-famous people can’t have a Twitter-free moment at the Chateau, where will they go?  Shouldn’t people over the age of 10 try to act not-crazy in public places anyway, because Twitter or not, they will be judged and ridiculed and that’s really the price you pay for acting like so in front of others?  So many ethical questions.


Fix California With a Tweet


LASnark just broke the news about Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to fix California. Since the elected guys have no idea what to do, they’re asking the internet.

The Governor would like your suggestions via Twitter. Simply post your idea, followed by #MyIdea4CA. I tweeted mine, which referred back to an earlier post here on Metblogs. All suggestions become part of an ongoing forum at myidea4ca.com.

Why didn’t Villaraigosa think of this?

Ruptured water main at LAX is still being repaired

Yesterday, a water main broke and flooded a parking lot + shut down restrooms at some LAX terminals.

They’re still repairing because I just saw @alixito tweet this:


That’s pretty much gotta suck for travelers all around because I’d much rather use the facilities at LAX than on a plane…

Hopefully, @matt_brewer is not in one of those terminals with no restrooms, as he just tweeted this:


Was Szabo Being Szexist?

matt-szaboMayor Villaraigosa’s Press Secretary Matt Szabo has definitely embraced the use of his new Twitter account to spread City Hall’s message – whatever that is. But, he may want to watch what he tweets.

We already know about the twagic mistake of tweeting for MJ donations in the name of Tony. Now, there’s this:

This “meanest city” report really is weak on the facts and methodology. Casey Hernandez (a woman btw) gets it right. http://bit.ly/XNvjs

The Twitter update is at least consistent with the Angry Matt Szabo theme. It’s the “a woman btw” comment that bothers me. What exactly does that mean? Is he amazed that she got something right, in spite of the fact that she is a woman?

It certainly raises an eyebrow. It could become a political nightmare for a mayor whose own Twitter account is more of a Szabo Retweeter than anything else.

Mayor’s Secretary Gets Tweefensive

matt-szaboYou probably think local politics are a joke. Mainly, because of the Jokey McJokersons that run the place. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t know who Matt Szabo is. I didn’t.

Matt Szabo is Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s press secretary. His name is popping up a lot more lately, thanks to a mayor with a hectic dating life and the secretary’s brand new Twitter account. Szabo joined “twitterworld” as he called it on July 1, to “provide useful/helpful info on mayor v’s views & his administration’s positions.”

Views on what? Lu Parker?

I only discovered Szabo’s tweets after seeing his re-tweeted rebuttal of LAObserved. I was fascinated to discover how defensive he is when posting:

Continue reading Mayor’s Secretary Gets Tweefensive

LuTweets :)


Are you following the Mayor’s girlfriend on Twitter yet? Here are a few things I’ve learned so far from Lu Parker:

  1. Lu is a Spurs fan
  2. Lu has a dog named Monkey
  3. Lu likes shooting guns
  4. Lu has tweeted 50 times
  5. Lu has ended 10 of her tweets with smileys

I will give $50 to the first reporter that gets Antonio on camera talking about Lu’s happy endings.

LeVar Burton’s New Play + Tweetup!

levarLeVar Burton is starring in a new play opening this Friday at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. In The Caterer, @levarburton plays a man who sells you your appropriate death. It marks the Emmy-nominated actor’s return to the stage after a 25-year absence.

Reason #1 to see The Caterer: @levarburton is awesome. He called our fledgling little LAGenX radio show last weekend to chat about theatre, and to find out who we are. We’re not even sure who we are. But, we talked, and he tweeted about it. And we tweeted back. It was internet bromance. You can hear the interview here.

Reason #2 to see The Caterer: @levarburton is hosting an exclusive tweetup for audience members with tickets for Friday or Saturday night (Apr. 10, 11.) And you KNOW theatre tweeps like to party. From TheCatererPlay.com:

LeVar Burton will mingle and raffle off personal memorabilia.
Location to be encoded within program insert.
Must be 21 years of age to attend the after party.
Limited seating available.

See a show – Tweetup with the stars. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Los Angeles is #1 on Twitter

According to Twitter Grader, Los Angeles has the highest number of Twitter users in the U.S.

Twitter is the popular microblogging service that allows users to send sort updates, or “tweets,” in 140 characters or less about what they’re doing. Some, are quite interesting.

From @davidmarkland via @igenexis, only London outranks Los Angeles worldwide.

Rankings are by total number of twitter users (based on the “Location” setting).

All those techie people up in San Francisco? They come in at #4.

So, has there been a technology shift in California? Is Los Angeles a more hip and connected region than the Bay Area?

Let’s find out. Retweet this post with the heading: “SF sucks at Twitter.”

  1. London
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago
  4. San Francisco
  5. New York
  6. Seattle
  7. Toronto
  8. Atlanta
  9. Boston
  10. Austin

Click here for the full Top 50.

Twestival L.A. Reminder

Just a friendly reminder about what promises to be a pretty cool event this coming Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles. Twestival L.A. is joining cities all over the world to raise money for charity:water. With a donation as little as $10, you will be treated to live comedy, musical performances, special appearances by various internet celebrities, raffle prizes and more.

The party was completely organized and will be run by volunteers. 100% of all donations go directly to charity:water and will help bring clean, safe drinking water to the developing world. Check out the main Twestival page or L.A.’s spiffy new website for more details and to purchase tickets.

Follow @twestival_la and help spread the word. Feel free to leave a comment with your Twitter username if you are planning to attend. You might just run into one or more of your friendly neighborhood Metbloggers.

Twestival L.A., Thursday, February 12th, 8pm-2am @ Club 740, 753 S. Spring St., 21 and Over

L.A. Twestival

On February 12th, Los Angeles will be joining over 100 cities in Twestival, an international event to benefit charity:water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. I met the local coordinator at last night’s L.A. Geek Dinner and became very interested about this opportunity for our community to come together and help affect far-reaching social change. The L.A. Twestival organizers are working feverishly to put together a spectacular happening, but they can still use dedicated volunteers to finalize plans, as well as publicize, and attend the event.

The idea for Twestival was launched by a London collective of twitter users who gathered to raise money for a local charity. The overall intention of the worldwide fundraiser is to tap into the power of twitter to spread the word and gather participants ready to help improve the lives of those in need.

Click for more event and contact info