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The Saddest Minivan Ever

Walking back to the car from the Silent Movie Theater/Cinefamily Friday night after a midnight showing of RAMMBOCK (a strangely pacifistic German zombie movie that’s almost a chick flick except for the brain-eating), we passed this sort of amazing example of tagging. I don’t know whose van this is–it was parked on Fairfax right around Melrose–but it’s such a sad sight I couldn’t even muster up any schadenfreude. I want to believe this is the product of a bad break-up or a debt unpaid or even a psycho roommate. To have this just happen randomly while you’re out to dinner somehow seems even worse. So I’m sending a shout out to you, Loser-Mobile Dude; whoever you are, I feel for you.

It Caught My Eye: Under The Bridge

(click to enlarge the two-frame pano for better legibility)

As found this morning on the Ballona Creek Bikeway under Overland Avenue on my commute to work — and mere moments before the almost ever-present and duly diligent Culver City graffiti abatement crewmember began painting it out.

“Not your average tag,” I said to him after dismounting, and with several quick shots of compressed air through his sprayer’s nozzle he smiled and nodded in agreement. I attempted to capture the statement in a single snap, but stepping backward I ended up pressed up against the bridge support with only “I’m a human being God damn it. My life has” fitting into the frame. “Value” was out of reach… wide right.

Is it ironic to proclaim one’s worth in so worthless a manner; to present such lofty sentiment from the dank shadows beneath the surface; to argue such an ideal in so not idyllic a place? Or is the greater irony found in the validation that comes from bringing this truth up from where it now lies buried under a layer of fresh cover-up paint for the rest of us to see?

ICME: whole lotta hatin’ going on here

DK what it is about Azusa and the Lario trails but there seems to be a lot of aggression and just plain old nasty tagging.  This fine picnic table is a fine example of the lack of lovin’ along the Lario these days.

Pic by me with the trusty cell cam as I headed out for my near daily walk along the river dustbowl.  (Yes our pals at the Army Corp shut’er down again last week).