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You Are Paying for MJ Memorial

matt-szaboAs the battle heats up over who should foot the bill for the Michael Jackson memorial held last week at the Staples Center, the Mayor returned from vacation to throw in his 2 cents.

Today, he spoke with reporters, while his press secretary, Angry Matt Szabo, tweeted from the sidelines:

Mayor just told reporters he will not ask AEG or the Jackson family to cover city expenses for Michael Jackson memorial.

Mayor: Los Angeles is a “world class city.” Providing police and fire protection is “what we do.”

Good to know.

Should a member of your family pass on, rest assured that the LAPD will clear a lane on the freeway for your procession – free of charge.

Mayor’s Secretary Gets Tweefensive

matt-szaboYou probably think local politics are a joke. Mainly, because of the Jokey McJokersons that run the place. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t know who Matt Szabo is. I didn’t.

Matt Szabo is Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s press secretary. His name is popping up a lot more lately, thanks to a mayor with a hectic dating life and the secretary’s brand new Twitter account. Szabo joined “twitterworld” as he called it on July 1, to “provide useful/helpful info on mayor v’s views & his administration’s positions.”

Views on what? Lu Parker?

I only discovered Szabo’s tweets after seeing his re-tweeted rebuttal of LAObserved. I was fascinated to discover how defensive he is when posting:

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