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Dinosaurs! At The Drive-In! Tonight! FREE!

xn191473597803_5749 copy Tonight at 6pm, MobMov.org and Hollywood MobMov are presenting a FREE sneak preview drive-in screening of the Discovery Channel’s new show Clash of the Dinosaurs.

Clash of the Dinosaurs takes a new look at the greatest beasts to ever walk the Earth. Cinematic photo-real 3D graphics are joined with cutting-edge paleontology to reveal the unique inner workings of these prehistoric survival machines.

This early evening event, which will run about an hour, is perfect to bring the whole family to and then still have time to get on with other Saturday night festivities. Hollywood MobMov is truly the “drive in that drives in.” The show is projected onto a wall from a car while you, the audience, relax in your own vehicle and tune in you FM radio for the audio. It really is a lot of fun!

The drive-in is at 6pm tonight in the parking lot of the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, located at the Center for Inquiry – West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027. Enter the parking lot off of Berendo St., just north of Hollywood Blvd. Did I mention it’s FREE?

The Drive-In Is Back! Masters of Horror Series Starts April 3rd!


Do you miss going to the drive-in as much as I do? I remember the first one I went to as a kid. It was with my grandmother and not quite the romantic experience I’d seen in movies, but it was great fun nonetheless. I find it quite sad that most drive-in theaters have become swap meets or shopping centers. I’ve read that at one time, L.A. County had over 40 drive-in movie theaters and now that number has dwindled down to one. A quintessential form of American entertainment barely exists anymore.

So, it’s a good thing that Hollywood Mobile Movie is bringing the drive-in movie back to Los Angeles! Following a wildly successful horror series last fall, Hollywood MobMov is once again teaming up with the Steve Allen Theater for The Masters of Horror Drive-In Series. The Friday night events will feature double bills of episodes of Showtime’s Masters of Horror program and classic films by the same director. There will also be an in-person Q&A with each filmmaker. Joe Dante and The Howling kick off what is shaping up to be quite a treat for fans of scary movies at the drive-in. Click here for the full schedule, complete with trailers.

I’ve personally volunteered with Hollywood MobMov many times and can assure you that the events are a blast. I don’t know why, but there’s something really fun about sitting in your car to watch a movie!

Read on for more information about the Masters of Horror Drive-In series