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Crazy Blind Date

My friend Mitzi checked out CrazyBlindDate.com and wrote up this review. What follows was written by her, not me. -Sean

So I first read about CrazyBlindDate.com in the San Francisco Thrillist newsletter and I thought, “Wow, this sounds like a palm sweatingly fun adventure.” Unfortunately, it was only happening in a few select cities and Los Angeles was not one of them. A few weeks later I heard that they were trying it in new cities including L.A.  I was kind of on the fence about doing it but my friend (who also signed up) convinced me that anyone who would sign up for this kind of thing had to be fun, or at least interesting, like ourselves.

The registration process begins with logging into, or signing up for, an OKCupid.com account and filling in a profile for CrazyBlindDate. I supplied them with some basic information like my name, age, gender, height, body type, ethnicity. Then answered few open ended questions like what I look like, “things I’m good at talking about” and what I expect from a date. You have to upload a picture but they blur it so potential dates can only really see that you aren’t invisible. After you meet they reveal the photo to your date, you know, in case you got too drunk to remember what your date looked like at the beginning of the night.
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