Official Song of Los Angeles?


Per this article the Los Angeles Times, the city of San Francisco may or may not attempt to simultaneously belt out a rendition of Tony Bennett’s “San Francisco” – the city’s official song – at noon today, a sort of citywide flash mob to honor the 50th anniversary of Bennet singing the song for the first time at the Fairmont Hotel.  Maybe more interestingly, the article notes in a parenthetical that our fair City of Angels doesn’t have an official song (though oddly enough, LAX has one).  Which of course prompts at least one Angeleno to wonder: what would be our official song?

Way back when, we did a nifty series called “Songs About Los Angeles,” any of which would be worthy contenders.  Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” seems to be the obvious choice, though there are others: “Los Angeles” by X was the most popular song in our series, according to Franklin Avenue’s post-series poll.  Or, how about “Pico And Sepulveda” by Felix Figueroa And His Orchestra?  “Straight Outta Compton” by NWA?  Others?  Votes?

A little lovin’ for L.A.

L.A. has been the topic of more than a few songs over the years because there is so much to love. What’s your favorite love song to the city we live in? You need to click the headline to get to the Sinatra vid. Hat Tip to Hidden LA who found this great old video.

Happy Valentines Day to the city I love.

Songs About Los Angeles: “Los Angeles” by X

Music has a way of connecting to sense memories. Certain songs will take you back in time, recreating a remembered feeling each time you hear them. Every time I hear the halting-driving-halting-driving opening beats of “Los Angeles” it takes me back to a time when I was truly discovering my home.


I came to punk rock late. In the late-70s and early-80s when punk was hitting its stride, I was still in elementary and middle schools in Glendora, at the far eastern edge of the county. I always thought I grew up in L.A., but it turned out to be a small, cloistered corner.

It wasn’t until after high school and the freedom of my own car that I started to explore Pasadena, downtown, Hollywood and points west. Then I began to really discover Los Angeles. That coincided with the period when I became aware of bands like the Ramones, New York Dolls, Black Flag, and X.

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