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Shadow play

Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only person who ever has noticed the large ‘Jesus Saves’ sign downtown. When I point it out, people often ask me how long it’s been there. I shrug. I have no idea. Seems like forever to me. It stands out to my eye, but I guess to others it’s just more sight pollution; one more ad, one more neon sign.

Today, while walking down Broadway, I saw it from a different angle. The sun hitting the sign was too perfect not to capture. (It looked better in real life, trust me.)

'Jesus Saves' from Broadway
'Jesus Saves' from Broadway

As I walked on south, I turn around to shoot more photos of my beloved Eastern building. Imagine my surprise as I noticed the shadow of the sign on the adjacent building.

'Jesus Saves' shadow
'Jesus Saves' shadow

I am not a Christian, so this is more luck of the time of day for me. But for the lady at the bus stop who saw it when I pointed it out to my husband, it seemed to mean a lot to her; like she needed it.

ICME: Fix Your Accent

Spotted outside the Beverly Center.

My question is how do they fix it?

“My accent is not ridiculous enough, can you fix that?”

Of course!

“I have an accent that sounds Russian, but I’m from the Bulgaria.  Can you fix that?”


“Small animals burst into flames when I say certain words.  Can you fix that?”

No, you’re a dragon.  Accept yourself and move to a less populated area.

Or maybe it’s just an enterprising Hyundai repairman.