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See’s Candies Holiday Pop-Up Shops

See'sPopUpIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you love Los Angeles native, See’s Candies! They are putting up pop-up holiday shops around town so you don’t have to brave the mall when you get invited somewhere last minute and don’t want to arrive with your hands hanging. They are selling only boxed chocolates, no candy counter full of individual yummies to mix and match. But when Aunt Gertrude is stopping by and you’ve accidentally left her off your list, you can race in for that two pound box of dark chocolate nuts and chews she loves so much.

Check locations here.

And there are two more days to enter into the See’s Candies For Life contest!

My personal favorite – Scotchmallows.

Tuesday is Be Kind To Boobies Day!

(not to be a jerk, but….)

To hell with all you ladies who can buy bras on street corners or online or at the mall even – this post is for the breastally endowed.

From those of us sporting mighty racks, a resounding cry: All Hail the fearsome Jenette for opening a lingerie emporium just for us. An amazing establishment where, as Jenette is fond of saying, “The alphabet starts at D.”

And the merchandise is downright saucy ~ no battleships, and I’m not sure I’ve seen anything white (except a few hot bridal-type numbers).

In the past, Jenette’s hours have been a bit limited, but I’m happy to announce that she’s added Tuesday (11-6) to her work week – great news!

Jenette Bras

4308 Melrose Ave., near Vermont

(Ironic: It’s just around the corner from Scoops!)





ICME: Where to Buy Your Stupid Man Suit

All Kinds of Crazy on Sale

Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

While it doesn’t answer the question the question why he’s wearing it, now we know where Donnie Darko may have got his stupid man suit.

Korea Town, Western and 3rd.

I’m not sure it’s very convincing, though.

(Pic taken w/my phone.)

Smell You Later

Scent Bar in West Hollywood
Scent Bar in West Hollywood

One of my favorite places to spend a leisurely afternoon in LA is surprisingly not in my precious Silver Lake, but across town in West Hollywood. When I have an afternoon to kill and need some time to myself, the Scent Bar on Beverly is like a little slice of heaven floating on a pastel tuft of cotton candy.

The Scent Bar is more than just a retail store hawking the usual perfumes. Here they encourage you to hang out as long as you like, sampling some of the most rare and exotic fragrances that you won’t likely find at the beauty counter in Nordstrom’s.  My favorites include: 10 Corso Como, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Comme des Garcons, and Costume National, but their selection is truly endless.

For the commitment phobic, you can buy sample sizes of most of their perfumes too, check them out online at luckyscent.com.

Scent Bar
8327 Beverly Blvd (map it)
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Get Your Kicks While You Still Can

12/26 Will Be Kicks Last Day in Silver Lake
12/26 Will Be Kicks' Last Day in Silver Lake

Strolling by Kicks on the way home from work this evening I noticed a banner advertising a huge moving sale. I didn’t realize that the store is relocating so I stopped in to see what is up. Apparently, Kicks will be moving out of the neighborhood altogether to join forces with their other store located at 141 N. Larchmont. This is sad news indeed for Silver Lake, but happy news for your wallet! To prepare for the move they have slashed prices up to 70% off clothes, shoes and accessories. Their last day at the Silver Lake location will be December 26, so go on and get your kicks while you can still trot on over there from Intelligentsia, kiddies.

Kicks Sole Provider
3938 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Empty LA

melrose I was shocked to see a nearly vacant Melrose shopping district today. Around noon I took my shoes to the Fluevog store to be repaired, expecting to deal with the post-Thanksgiving shopping masses, but parking was easy, the sidewalks were free and the stores I walked by were virtually empty. At first I was happy to not have to deal with the usual Saturday shopping crowd, but as I looked around I began to worry about the economy. On a positive note, most of the restaurants in the area seemed to be busy. Maybe it’s just because a lot of people are out of town for the holiday weekend, but what do you think?

It’s a Wrap! Sale

It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday
It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday

One of my favorite places to shop in Burbank is It’s a Wrap! They acquire mostly unworn or gently used wardrobe leftovers from movie studios at serious bargain prices. Imagine a thrift store that carries couture! They always have tons of designer labels for both men and women in a variety of sizes (not just size 2). They also have jewelry and accessories. I recently picked up a Prada dress with the tags still intact for under $200, six pairs of luxury tights (unopened) for $3 each, a silk scarf for $5 and a Theory trench coat for $10.

With all of this in mind, I seriously had second thoughts about publicizing this sale so that I could keep all of the bargains to myself, but what the hell. Starting this Friday, November 27, It’s a Wrap! will be hosting their Second Annual Accessories Extravaganza. Also, the first 25 customers to spend $50 or more in the store that day will receive a gift certificate (contact store for specifics).

Recent arrivals include wardrobe from “Monk,” “Deal or No Deal,” “House,” “Law Abiding Citizens,” “Dexter”, Continue reading It’s a Wrap! Sale

Three Outdoor Flea Markets in Silver Lake

There are at least three decent outdoor flea markets in Silver Lake, central to Sunset Junction and conveniently located near quite a few delicious brunch options, allowing for the perfect afternoon of mimosas and thrifty shopping.

Saturday is really the only day you can hit all of these, since two of the three are not there on Sundays. Just park your bike or car around Sunset and Maltman and you will be central to all three of these outdoor shopping options:

1. Silver Lake Farmer’s Market (produce, jewelery, clothing, vintage, etc.)

2. Silver Lake Art Craft and Vintage

3. Don’t know the name, but it’s next to the Jiffy Lube and Kelly Green (Santa Monica at Sunset)

As seen on YouTube, I found this great lampshade yesterday at the smaller of the three flea markets, located behind Kelly Green on Santa Monica Blvd. This vintage lampshade also doubles as a fancy hat that I later wore to The Eagle for afternoon cocktails with some leather-lovin’ (and now lampshade lovin’) gays.


(video courtesy of Mark Hayward)

Silver Lake Farmer’s Market is located at 3700 Sunset Blvd, between Edgecliffe and Maltman (at the intersection of Griffith Park Blvd), 90026. Continue reading Three Outdoor Flea Markets in Silver Lake

ReForm School Girl


I must have browsed inside ReForm School in Silver Lake countless times before I noticed that the store is focused on sustainable design and green living. With unique and functional accessories for the home and impeccably designed masterpieces (and no sign of hemp or tie dye anywhere!) on every shelf in the store, it’s hard to believe that my shopping habit is also saving the world.

Succulent Terrarium Class at ReForm School
Succulent Terrarium Class at ReForm School

You’re welcome, world. I also didn’t know that ReForm School offers a slate of fun evening classes designed for for adults. What better way is there to recycle my money than by feeding it back into my brain? You’re welcome, brain.

This month’s ReForm School class roster includes “Embroidery 101,” “Needlefelting 101,” “Sewing 101,” and lots of other courses that will teach you how to make such things as your own succulent terrarium, papier-mache bracelet, or even vintage charm jewelry. The best part is, you get to take home whatever it is you learn how to make. ReForm School also offers kid-friendly courses, see their web site for details.

I signed up for the Succulent Terrarium class on March 16, which teaches you how to re-purpose glass containers and plastic toys to make a diorama-style habitat for your succulent (all materials provided). Space is limited, so if you want to join me you better go online and sign up now. You can enroll and pay for all classes via Paypal or credit card here: Continue reading ReForm School Girl

Designer Shoes & Gourmet Chocolates

I have been spending a great deal of time in Manhattan Beach for work purposes.  At first, I’d just get to my meetings and leave as soon as possible because the commute was so dreadful and I wanted to get it over with quickly.  But on my final two days I decided to be far more relaxed and actually take in the admittedly darling little ocean town.

On my way to fetch some coffee yesterday, I froze while standing before one storefront in utter awe.  That swiftly melted into frustration when I realized it was too early for me to worship in the temple of genius.

Designer shoes and gourmet chocolates.

It was total brilliance with a side of awesome sauce.

Someone needs to do this in Hollywood only I’d like to request that you design the store to look like a turn of the century bordello.  If I’m going to commit to an excessive experience, I want to go all the way.

Eco-shop Regeneration, in Eagle Rock, going out of business!!! NOOOOO!!!

squeeeemustposessJust look at all those horrified exclamation points there in the subject line! Yes, it breaks my heart to say that Regeneration is being forced into closing its brick-and-mortar shop, by these foul economic times that have befallen us all. [shakes fist impotently at sky.] I doubt there’s much we can do to keep ’em open (and its Etsy site will remain open), but we sure as hell can send ’em out with a bang. Regeneration, I’m broke, and I swore all anyone was getting from me this year were cards, but you’ve made me recant. I’ll be there. With the paltry sum I have left before payday, I shall arrive, and buy as much as possible, and then in the grand tradition of any quality holiday shopping spree, I shall keep it all for myself, and everyone will still be getting just cards.

I saw Cracker open for the New York Dolls tonight, and their lyric here properly sums up my holiday shopping behavior:

” Well I was gonna bring you flowers, but I didn’t.
It’s the thought that counts and I think I’m a bit too broke.”

Dec. 13th & 14th: Unique Los Angeles Sale

Unique LA logoAre you gift shopping and are looking for a way to avoid the mall, help the local economy, support local artists AND find unique gifts?  This weekend, the California Market Center will be host to Uniqe Los Angeles, a large sale with over 200 vendors representing some of the best of LAs designers & merchants.  Items on sale include jewelry, stationery, books, art and housewares.

The vendor list is impressive, featuring a Who’s Who of local artists & shops such as Earthlust, Tracy Tanner and MissKK. You can read more on the Unique LA blog.

December 13th & 14th, 11 am – 7 pm
California Market Center (Penthouse), Downtown Los Angeles (Map It)
110 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA

$5 per ticket
(children 10 and under are free)
50% of ticket sales benefiting CREATE NOW, a local arts-based charity for high-risk youth

SPECIAL RATE!! $6 ALL DAY Underground Parking(with Unique LA Validation)

Visit the Garment Workers’ Center Pop-Up Fair Trade Store

Looking for reasonably-priced-yet-socially-responsible gifts this season? Check out all the lovely fair-trade, handmade goods at the Garment Workers’ Center pop-up store!

The Garment Worker Center‘s Fair Trade Pop-Up Store offers beautiful items from Fair Trade cooperatives and local artisans, guaranteeing fair wages and healthy working environments to the workers who produce them as well as guilt-free gifts for socially conscious consumers. You’re socially conscious, aren’t you? Of course you are!

It’s located at 1254 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

You better hurry, though, ‘cos the shop closes tomorrow at 9pm!

I admit it, I’m a copper whore


Found these beauties at Marshalls for 39.99
Found these beauties at Marshall's for 39.99

It started with liking to eat.  Well too might I add.  I learned to cook.  I sold cookware at Bullock’s and learned what made up the good stuff. This is where I learned that good tools make good cooking easier.  I’ve been indulged over the years with some really good cookware.  I’m upping the ante on my cookware collection and getting copper.  Besides cooking very well it is as pissy as it gets for putting on the dog for your guests.

Copper, especially the stainless steel lining as opposed to tin lined have a lot of pluses in terms of even heating, easy clean up, no worry about acidic foods and no having to bother with getting it retinned.  I found these beauties at Marshall’s today.  Copper with 18/10 stainless at $39.99 each.  Considerably less than you would find retail anywhere else.  If you want some good copper with stainless interiors on the cheap check out your local Marshall’s before they are gone.  

For those of you who think copper is a pain to clean, check out Surfas in Culver City for their house label cleaner/polish for only $1.99 bottle!

pic by me with the phone cam