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Cinco de Sultry

Vigilantly Posted at the Intersection of Chickenmen, Hula Hoopists, and Buxom Tassle Twirlers

Photograph by Michelle Lanz
Photograph by Michelle Lanz

Cinco de Mayo has never looked better than on the stage of Lucha Va Voom, the mindblowing spectacle that squeezes masked Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libre) and sultry burlesque dancing onto one stage at the historic Mayan theater. There is no sensation quite like the swell of pride that happens when full-grown men (and a mini-man) dressed as chickens attack skeleton-suited hombres (and a mini-hombre) as the announcer proudly proclaims: Welcome to Los Angeles… Continue reading Cinco de Sultry

Sexy Wrestling Pirates

A Post-Facto Sexy Wrestling Pirate Review

Girlie girl Catfight

THE PIRATE craze of the early 2000’s has died down. The pirates vs. ninjas debate has long been settled by nose-wiping, light-avoiding digital dorm rats years ago. But what happens when pirates take on pirates? For the edification of your eyes (and brainhole) I present to you the second part in the Metalheads Vs. Pirates debate: The Girlie Girl Catfight Show…

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