High Speed Rail: Arriving in San Francisco


When you get on that swanky new bullet train at Los Angeles Union Station for a weekend excursion to San Francisco, here is what your destination might look like.

Curbed SF has the new renderings for the Transbay Transit Center, which will feature “fountains spurting whenever a bus passes by underneath,” and San Francisco’s modern day version of our own Angels Flight (which may, or may not be re-opened by then). Look for it in the simulated animation at 1:32.
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Library Tower (the U.S. Bank Tower) could soon be the second tallest building west of the Mississippi

Photo by Veeyawn, used under Creative CommonsSan Francisco is considering erecting a 1,200-foot tall office tower, displacing L.A.’s 1,018-foot tall Library Tower as the tallest building west of the Mississipi.

The San Francisco building would be part of the Transbay Terminal, which would also feature a park and a hub for a number of mass transit lines, included the proposed California High-Speed Rail, which travel to Los Angeles in 2 1/2 hours. [NBC 11]

When called for comment, Library Tower said it had no plans to buy a sports car, and refused to be envious “of a city with buildings that commonly wears socks and sandals.”

…photo by Veeyawn, used under Creative Commons…