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Abigail’s Story

FlowerThis is Abigail, a one year old Pit Bull mix who became the victim of shocking, barbaric abuse when she was inexplicably set on fire. Abigail was brought to the Lancaster Shelter where Karma Rescue heard of her tragic story. Karma immediately transported Abigail to a local animal hospital where she received intensive care for her injuries including second and third degree burns throughout her body.

It has been a long road to recovery. Abigail has had multiple surgeries requiring skin grafts, but she is going to make it, thanks to the generous care and support of Karma Rescue’s donors and volunteers.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this heinous crime were never caught, Continue reading Abigail’s Story

Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Rescue: Save Pets, Rock Out on Sunday!

angelAt the Echoplex this Sunday, indie bands are playing for a great cause. Cat-ch (har har har) this huge show with dozens of bands, art, and giveaways–and you can help save cute little (or big) kitties, doggies, even bunnies.

clover11The event, called “Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Rescue,” is to benefit the Sante D’or Foundation, an animal rescue and healing hospice in Los Feliz. The show will kick ass, with Gliss (listen), Death to Anders, Rainbow Arabia (listen), Army Navy, The Polyamorous Affair (listen) Exitmusic and more. There’ll be a main stage & an outside stage so you can show up early & check out a slew of great bands. Plus, it’s for the kittens!

Info on the show is here!

Mysterious Anonymous Benefactor Pays for 300 Los Angeles Animal Services Pet Adoptions


A press release just came across my desk notifying me that “A benefactor, wishing to remain anonymous, pledged to pay all adoption fees for 300 pets adopted between now and Christmas at any LA Animal Services Center.”

The anonymous donor stated, “I hope this offer will help empty the kennels and cages and gives these pets a real home for Christmas.”

The donor also had one request of those adopting a pet; that they write a letter to LA Animal Services explaining how adopting the pet changed their lives. I think that’s a small price to pay–and another gift, if you think about how meaningful it can often be to write letters enumerating the things for which you are grateful–for saving the life of an animal who will enrich your own life for years to come.

Full info & adoption locations from the Department of Animal Services is behind the jump. At a time when the government of the state is considering cutting costs in animal services, this is a priceless gift.

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Adopt this Bitch!

This sweet pupster was taken in by a foster family a while back, but now they’re moving & can’t keep her. Emily has been a busy dog, clearly advanced in years & bearing the marks of much puppy-rearing. She’s sweet as pie and mellow and good-natured–she just needs a loving home. I’ve been following her progress over the months and I really hope she finds a new home. The poor thing has been bounced around enough.

Can you help? Go here and follow the directions at the bottom of the post. Or if you can’t take her in, maybe you can pass this on.

Emily is being placed by the Bill Foundation, a center that works to adopt out dogs to good homes.

Hat tip to the Slackmistress for this post.