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Broken Parking Meters Along Marina Channel: Sign of Budgetary Badness to Come?

img_1521In recent weeks, I have noticed a very large number of broken parking meters along Via Marina, overlooking the Marina del Rey Channel. As I have mentioned before, this is one of my favorite Los Angeles area spots, and is a very popular spot for people to park their cars, watch the boats come and go, eat, snooze, walk, take their dogs for walks, hit the beach, have sex (yeah, I’ve inadvertently seen that at least twice), etc.

These broken meters cause two major problems. First, they cut down on the number of allowable spots, making it impossible for many area residents and visitors to park there. Today, and two days ago, I had to pull into at least 6 different spots with broken meters, and walk along the meters, to search for one that was operating. As the picture above indicates, the signs on and near the meters clearly prohibit parking at such meters when they’re broken. Second, these broken meters lose income for Los Angeles County. As a County resident, I have an interest in knowing that revenues to the County are maximized by having broken meters repaired swiftly. That is definitely not happening at present.

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New Parking Meters

parkingmeter1.jpgI’ve been mostly out of town for the last two months so when I pulled into my regular public parking spot to get a cold afternoon treat, I noticed the parking meters had all been beheaded and a new-fangled meter installed in one spot near the sidewalk.

Using it is very straighforward — note your spot number, punch it in, then deposit coins or credit card (woot!) to pay. My favorite part is you don’t have to then go back to your car and put a ticket in the window.

I’m sure there are all kinds of ways this new technology will get messed up, but for now, I’m liking it. Have you seen these all over town already and I’m just late? Anyone have any problems with them yet?

Another photo after you deposit a coin in the slot.

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