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Nine Inch Nails Cancels Music Box Show

Nine Inch Nails' final show? Photo by Burns!
Nine Inch Nails' final show? Photo by Burns!

BREAKING: Nine Inch Nails cancels tonight’s show at the Music Box at the Fonda Theater.

Were you one of the lucky ones that saw Nine Inch Nails’ show at the Palladum last night? Are you, like me, one of the incredibly disappointed fans holding tickets for tonight’s (canceled) show at the Fonda?

By most accounts, last night’s show at the Palladium was a spectacular beginning to what were to be the final four shows (ever) for Nine Inch Nails. Among other highlights, the band played “The Downward Spiral” album its entirety and electronic music pioneer Gary Numan joined the band to play his hit, “Cars.”

Front-man Trent Reznor complained during the show of having a cold, though, and immediately following the show the band’s official website, nin.com, released this statement:

We’re very sorry to announce that Trent is ill, and on his doctor’s orders we will not be able to perform tonight’s show at the Henry Fonda Theater. This is the only information we have at this time, we’re posting this early announcement as a convenience for those of you who had plans to attend. Reimbursement details will be posted as soon as we figure them out; likely within the next 24 hours. We wish this wasn’t necessary and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.”

“…sorry for the inconvenience?” More like colossal disappointment.

As the statement says, no further information at this time. The announcement made no mention of the status of Saturday and Sunday’s shows at the Wiltern and EchoPlex. An eternal optimist, I’ll hope for a rescheduled Fonda show on Monday, but that doesn’t sound too likely.

Update: An update as of 5:00pm Thursday. Follow me past the jump for news.

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