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Can We Learn From New York?


Mayor Bloomberg has a plan. He wants to transform Broadway in Midtown Manhattan into a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Streetsblog has the full story.

If you could do the same here – transform any part of Los Angeles into a walkable, car-free zone – where would it be? Broadway? L.A. Live? The Grove?

Would you rip out an entire freeway? Close off any streets? Demolish all parking lots near Trader Joe’s and force those idiots to walk?

Pretend that nothing is off-limits. Pretend that we just gave you a map of Los Angeles and a box of crayons. Think outside of the city. Play urban planner with us, and leave your suggestions in the comments.

Photo from Streetsblog

Conan O’Brien and Alec Baldwin Raise the N.Y.C. vs. L.A. Debate

That Conan O’Brien will soon relocate from New York City to Los Angeles to take over Jay Leno’s chair on The Tonight Show would, in itself, be an interesting subject for Los Angeles Metblogs.  But last night, Conan, with guest Alec Baldwin, also touched on a Metbloggy sore point subject by raising the N.Y.C. vs. L.A. comparison.  The discussion takes place in part 1 of the video (h/t to The Huffington Post).

O’Brien and Baldwin are the perfect pair to discuss the New York City/Los Angeles comparison.  While O’Brien is on his way from N.Y.C. to L.A., Baldwin, who grew up in New York and has spent much of his adult life making movies in Los Angeles, is now back in New York working on the “30 Rock” television program.

If you watch to the end of part 2, you’ll get another East Coast/West Coast bonus, straight from New Jersey.