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LA City Budget Survey: Share your voice!

I’m on a mailing list for NorthEastLA (NELA) community issues and this came across my desk: the City of Los Angeles Budget Survey. I just completed the survey myself. I think it’s a good exercise and brings up a lot of interesting questions. Why no survey questions about subway funding or routes? And why do they even have to ask about what they call “needs based budgeting,” which would divert funding to areas that appear to need them the most? Is the city actually NOT “Repaving streets based on condition of the streets and the usage of the particular street?” or NOT “Focusing gang reduction services in communities where gang crime occurs most”…? Why do they even have to ask me if this is a good idea?! It made me think of a recent report I heard on local newsradio, where a representative from the Westside was bitching about higher-crime communities diverting his crime-prevention forces. “I know we don’t have as much crime as those areas,” he admitted, then went on to whine about the whole thing.

Well, ’nuff said. Go voice your own opinion here. The letter that came with the link is behind the jump.

Info on the current budget & process is here; the fiscal year 2008/09 budget itself is here. Continue reading LA City Budget Survey: Share your voice!

iPhone VS. Indymac

Digg!On Friday July 11, 2008, the new iPhone was released for sale.  On the same day, US federal regulators took control of Indymac Bank.  (Read more about that here.)  Today (Monday July 14) the lines were long at both locations.  At the Apple store a homeless looking man yelled at the crowd “Get out of our neighborhood!”  at the Indymac Bank line, there was a cop car out front and a taco truck in the alley next to the line.

Only six blocks apart.  Strange days indeed.



(Apple store on 3rd St. Promenade, Indymac Bank on Wilshire and 8th in Santa Monica.)

Want to be a hero? Like money? Find this Chihuahua

Hey friends, Mark and Steve here.

We’re both dog lovers, Steve has two adorable girls, a Shih tzu named Muppy and a Pug named Gertrude. We know what it’s like to have a pet run off, so stories like this hit home.

Now, we’re not ones to post any old missing dog story, but this one has some pretty unique circumstances. Alisa Zoe and her boyfriend were in a serious car accident on the night of Sunday, the 20th. Their dog, Moo was with them, apparently unharmed by the accident, ran off during all the hullabaloo that follows two giant wads of metal colliding.

Click here if you have eyes and love dogs!