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Michael Jackson in my backyard

David & me:smOne of my stock events for visiting friends is to take them to the Glendale Forest Lawn cemetery, a short drive from where I live in Silver Lake. It’s a serene setting with towering shade trees, usually very empty, with views that look out over Glendale to the San Gabriel Mountains.

It has it’s restrained yet overwrought kitsch in the guise of a full-size replica of Michaelangelo’s statue of David (carved from Carrara marble from the same quarry as the original); a stained glass reproduction of Da Vinci’s Last Supper; and something called The World’s Largest Painting, a.k.a. The Crucifixion, that measures 195 by 45 feet and is housed in an enormous square building with a church facade. There’s also The World’s Second Largest Painting, The Resurrection, in the same building and they are both unveiled from behind a huge curtain in an auditorium¬† presentation with darkened lights and rumbling narration. Continue reading Michael Jackson in my backyard

Two Wrongs Make a Right? Michaelangelo Moves into Flor Morena Location.

I spotted this banner and construction at the intersection of Glendale and Rowena earlier in the week, and it conveniently answers two questions that have been causing hand-wringing among Silver Lake foodies for months:

  1. “What’s happening with Flor Morena’s old building?”
  2. “Where is Michaelangelo going to move?”

Turns out, Michaelangelo is moving into Flor Morena’s arguably prime location. Here’s hoping they have more luck with it than the previous tenants.