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Tamale Class at Tarascos

Learn how to make Tamales at Tarascos on Nov. 17
Learn how to make Tamales at Tarascos on Nov. 17

For those of you who like to know how to make stuff, my favorite Mexican joint in Silver Lake, Tarascos is hosting a Tamale Class on Tuesday, November 17 at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. The class is only $15.00, which includes all of the  materials you will need to make a small batch of your very own tamales from scratch.

Students will have the option to take their tamales home to bake on their own or Tarascos will bake the tamales for you and let you pick them up later (tamales take about 4 hours to bake).  Students will learn how to make chicken, cheese and vegetarian tamales.

To sign up, call Tarascos at 323.669.3300. Click here to follow Tarascos on twitter for their daily specials.

Tarascos Mexican Food
3319 W. Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake

More Late Night Eats in Silver Lake

The scarcity of late night dining options has been a sore spot for me since I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 from Atlanta, “where parties don’t stop ’til 8:00 in the morning.” So, naturally I am enthusiastic when I find a restaurant that serves food late, like Silver Lake’s newest taquería, Tarascos.

Silver Lake's Newest Taqueria
Silver Lake's Newest Taquería

Tarascos is a very pleasing, minimalist taquería. No obnoxious sombreros hanging from the ceiling or mariachi crooners hovering over your guacamole. You walk into a small foyer and order at the counter. The menu is handwritten on chalkboards on the walls – and the prices are minimalist too! $1.50 for tacos, $5.50 for burritos and quesadillas – your choice of charbroiled steak, charbroiled chicken, cochinita pibil, or carnitas. For a smaller taquería, they have an unusually generous vegetarian selection and salads too. They also have some rather delicious flautas, which are not on the online menu right now, but very tasty and not too greasy. Continue reading More Late Night Eats in Silver Lake