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OMG! Freekin’ Warped Tour!…Still!

you get what you pay forYes, the Warped Tour is still happening! After all these years! Year after year, it still happens!


We’ve got tickets to give away to their shows in Pomona (6/20) and Ventura (6.22)! You could see Against Me!, The Aggrolites, Angels & Airwaves, As I Lay Dying (Playing 6/20-7/18), The Bronx, Cobra Starship, Fear (Playing 6/22), Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Gym Class Heroes, HorrorPops, Katy Perry, Pennywise (Playing 6/20-6/29 and 7/15-8/3), Reel Big Fish, Relient K, Say Anything, Shwayze, Skeet Skeet, Story of the Year and too, too many more. Too many.

But I plan to make it difficult for you, or perhaps at least counterintuitive. Because I’m a pain in the ass.

To win, you have to tell me your LEAST FAVORITE BAND on the bill, and you have to give me a good reason why you hate them with every fiber of your being. Vitriol. Rage. Bile. Ad hominem attacks. Go on. Impress me. Be a hater.

If ya don’t win, and you still want tickets, buy ’em for Pomona (6/20) or Ventura (6.22)!

Win Tix to Ingrid Michaelson at the El Rey

ingrid.jpgIndie acousti-songstress and myspace protege Ingrid Michaelson‘s exploded into the vacant space left by Sarah McLaughlin and Dido, giving emo singletons and primetime dramas yet another soundtrack to their self-sufficient-yet-full-of-yearning melancholia. Bless her soul. She plays the El Rey Tuesday the 24th along with Greg Laswell.

She really is super good. Listen here. To win tickets, let me know which lyrics in her songs speak to you the most and why. I promise not to call you emo. It’s ok. Don’t forget to leave your contact email so I can get back to you if’n you win.

We’ve got more than tickets to give away, though! Our grand prize winner gets a copy of her latest album, Girls & Boys. w00t.

Win Tix to Islands at the El Rey, June 17!

islands.jpgEDIT: The venue for this show has been changed to the El Rey from the Fonda, in case any of you bought tix to the original Fonda show. Also the openers have changed: Mr. Grainger couldn’t make it, but AWOL will be in his place.)

It’s impossible to not dig the hummable tunes from Islands, tweaked with poppy melodies and calypso tones, country twangs and hip-hop grooves (prolly drawn on from their time working with Busdriver). The former Unicorns dudes have decamped their late band (can unicorns ever last? we didn’t think so) but formed something fabulous in its stead.

We’ve got tic-tic-tickets to give away! Just answer below, in the comments, this question (be sure to put your contact email in there!!!):

If you could go to any island on the planet, which would it be and why?

Winners get a pair of tix courtesy of Goldenvoice, whom we clearly & obviously are gay for.

Islands on youtube

And their openers Sebastien Grainger AWOL
…and Crayonsmith

Half-light with Jacaranda

jacarandaevening.JPGDriving through Lincoln Heights the other evening, in search of a large box of crayons, I came upon this dusky street in the deepening evening–lit for blocks with the incandescent glow of jacarandas in full-on violet bloom.

Jacaranda season always brings back memories: summers so hot it seemed the sidewalks would buckle upward with the heat & the burgeoning roots of the jacarandas, their instant burst into bloom violent and sudden; hot nights and more hours than I care to (or can) remember in the Rustic, living carefree and half-assed off the dregs of student loans, some money from teaching art, Pop-Tarts, & vodka.

I read a lot of Bukowski.

I don’t know if I remember it fondly or with regret; probably both. But the jacarandas still bloom this time every year, as the days get long and the night skies blur with heat.

Click to embiggen.

Photographing L.A. Bike Culture


A group of cyclists from LA have formed Team Midnight Ridazz for this years AIDS LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles and are having a photography exhibition this weekend to help raise funds for the ride. Photos are by the actual participants and represent all kinds of aspects of bike culture in Los Angeles. It’s taking place Saturday evening at The Bike Oven ( 3706 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065 ) from 7pm till midnight or so. You know you want to go check it out.

For more information see the listing on Midnight Ridazz or Facebook

Robyn Hitchcock/Nick Lowe review

robyn.jpg[photo by Thomas Hawk]

Remember when we had a contest for tickets to the Robyn Hitchcock/Nick Lowe show at the El Rey?

Well, we had a winner, his name is Mark, and here’s his review of the show:

The Nick Lowe/Robyn Hitchcock show at the El Rey on 4/11 drew in seemingly every fortysomething nerd in all of Los Angeles. I’ve been a fan of Hitchcock since I was a teen and had seen him headline a half-dozen concerts already, so I was wary about his “opening act” status (although he received equal billing, it was clear that most people were there for Nick Lowe). Hitchcock emerged alone on the empty stage with an acoustic guitar and launched into an old favorite, “Heaven,” followed by what is possibly his best-known song,”Balloon Man.” Over the course of his 45-minute set, he trotted out a couple of newer tunes along with at least one real rarity (“The Ghost Ship,” the B-side to “Balloon Man” way back in 1988), and treated the audience to his usual assortment of funny surreal stories and one sudden, unexplained departure from the stage, mid-song, for about 10 seconds. Was it just a joke? Maybe.

Continue reading Robyn Hitchcock/Nick Lowe review

Win Tickets to the Eels!

e eelsreel eelI don’t know about you, but I happen to think Mark Oliver Everett (aka “E” of the Eels) is the sexiest mofo to ever rock a beard. In fact, he was rocking said beard LONG before every Silverlake male started growing one. Few people have borne life’s cruelest slings & arrows (check that life story, yo) with such creative grace. I love his sneer. I love his dirty sullen blues. I love how his writing is so raw and real and broken and bitter and hopeful. Gutter, meet stars. And I love that fucking beard, man.

If you do too, and you want tickets to the sold-out show on the 16th at the El Rey, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Eels song is, and why you love it. We’ll pick the best replies.

“Laying in bed tonight i was thinking
And listening to all the dogs
And the sirens and the shots
And how a careful man tries
To dodge the bullets
While a happy man takes a walk
And maybe it is time to live “