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Win Tix to Cut Copy with Matt & Kim, DJ Knightlife & DJ Daisy O’Dell: 3/10 & 3/11

That’s right kids, we’ve got tix for two nights of music from Cut Copy, Matt & Kim, and some faaaabulous DJ action! If you wanna check out this great bill at the Fonda, leave a message in the comments telling me why YOU, and only YOU, deserve the tickets!cutcopy

Now, I have one pair of tickets for each night. Let me know, along with you’re “I’m soooooo deserving” comment, which night you can make it to (hopefully both).

Please Love Me

Hello Metblogs Community,

I’m thrilled to join the madcap Los Angeles Metblogs team and hope you will relate to whatever it is I decide to contribute each week. My posts will likely be about shopping around Los Angeles, things chicks might like, innocent gossip and tips on the best bars to pick up the dudes (please let me know if you have any leads). Maybe I’ll even drop some names of people you don’t know and drop some mad cash in your store – so look out! I’m a coming!

(Photo courtesy of Courtenay Gasking)
(Photo courtesy of Courtenay Gasking)

On the personal side, I moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 2003 where I received a B.A. in Communications from Oglethorpe University. I’m left handed, have a motorcycle license and enjoy vintage clothes, good scotch and bad poker players sitting on the other side of the table.

Thanks for having me. If you want to keep up with the mundane goings on in my life, I invite you to follow me on twitter.



LA Metblogs vs. the LA Weekly: What can we do better?

I try to peruse K-Rod‘s LA Observed on a semi-regular basis, and so when I stumbled upon this mention of an internal note from the LA Weekly, naming LA Metblogs (among other great city blogs like LAist and LA Observed) as a “competitor blog” to the Weekly’s own, well, I must admit to feeling a flush of pride. The Weekly’s been an institution in LA since Jay Levin fired it up in 1978, and while its quality has fluctuated with the times it still is, in my opinion, one of the flagship sources for local journalism & writing that provides a strong sense of place.

I’d like to ask you, our readers, what you’d like to see more of on LA Metblogs, and how you think we can serve you better. At first I thought I’d ask for you to send me feedback via e-mail, so no other media outlets could bogart the good ideas; but really, it would be great if every news/culture pub in LA could raise its game–so fire away in the comments.

The memo in its entirety is here on LA Observed.

LA Eastside Rallies Troops, Forms Resistance

Click image for source.

It’s no secret there’s been all sorts of conflict over the division of the Eastside and Westside. The battle is no simple black and white matter, either–numerous factions battle for supremacy. Hipsters rise above their ennui long enough to dub Silver Lake the eastside; Boyle Heights & East LA residents rattle sabers, just DARING the mustachioed tight-pantsed hipsters to cross the LA River; and dopey Santa Monica dwellers in Dockers refuse to even cross Western Avenue. What a mess.

So it is with great amusement that I’ve been following the debate over at LA Eastside, where with the post “Mas Revolucion!” the die-hard Eastside OG blog attempt to rally the TRUE Eastside troops to resist the coming hipster apocalypse. Senor Guerrero, a hat tip to you and your excellent post, which manages to address real LA social issues with wit and humor.

On a tangent, though, I sure wish gentrification would come to Canoga Park. I’d take hipsters any day over gang shootings two blocks over. Hipsters are obnoxious, but rarely deadly (unless rabid), and they do increase my property value. Is it a sign of institutional racism that the well-kept yards and tidy homes of my immediate neighbors–who are working-class Latino families and excellent neighbors–are not enough to raise the property values in the area? Sigh.

Cheap Eats Alert: Casa

Casa, a brand-new upscale Mexican restaurant, opened on the 6th. A little birdie told me that this Saturday is the opening party, including such items as “cheap or free drinks, some fancy Mexican hors d’ouevres…and my charming personality.” So if you’d like to mooch some cheap/free eats a la myopenbar.com and enjoy my friend’s charming personality, this may be a destination to add in on your nightly cruise in search of Two-Buck-Chuck and Gelson’s cheese plates. The restaurant looks pretty cool too. Tip: friend arrives after 8pm. I’m just sayin’.

Merry Chrismakwanznukah to all, and to all a good night!

Photo by a href=Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, and especially for those of you who don’t celebrate, I’m going to be a sap for a moment and send out a big fat I LOVE YOU GUYS and I hope you spend the next few days having fun.

Be safe & be healthy and have a happy holiday.

Don’t drink & drive, call a cab. Or hail a cab.

Photo by the one & only Pickles.

Metblogs Author Submissions: I’m sorry, you’re not on the list

Ok kids, it’s the 21st and no more metblogs author submissions will be accepted. I thought about extending the deadline since I got a rush of last-minute applications, but I figure if you can’t even apply on deadline, what makes me think you’d blog on a regular basis? Ha! Silly me.

So, I was looking for an image of a club bouncer standing menacingly in front of a door, as if to say, “Sorry, it’s a private party tonight” but googling “door bouncer” brought up so many images of babies in bouncers (that’s what those boingy thingies that hang in doorways are called, yes?) I figured I’d just use one of those. Hence our charming photo, left.

If you sent your email in, and you didn’t get a bounceback, well then I got it, and you’ll be hearing from me shortly if you haven’t already. We’ve now got about two dozen folks who applied, which is flippin’ sweet, and frankly you’re all just fabulous little winners in my book already.

No decisions will be made until after New Year’s, but once that ball drops, baby, you may be blogging with our team of illustrious blogging rockstars before you can say “Now where’s my press pass?”

Help save Machine Project! I just donated…so should you!

Today I got some very sad news in my email box from heathervescent. Machine Project was supposed to get a $35k grant this month – but it’s been canceled. For an organization of their size this is a great loss, as they were planning to use the funds for rent and for their their one full time operations manager (who kicks major ass!).

They reached out to their LACMA show volunteers (that’s how Heathervescent found out) to help raise the needed money by donating $50 today. So I am personally asking you – fellow lovers of technology and fans of awesome art–to donate at least $50-100 to Machine Project. They are in my mind, one of the most innovative, unique, awesome, interesting and cool wellsprings of creativity this city has ever seen.

Machine Project hosted the geek dinner last year. They’ve created amazing workshops and hosted wonderful, magical art and creative endeavors. They’re a home for music, robotics, and fractal knitting. They host dorkbot. And they recently took over LACMA doing to the museum what I have always wanted to seen done to a museum.

Please help Machine raise the $35k they need to continue. It’s easy and they have an ASCII Unicorn.

==> Donate now: http://machineproject.com/lacmafriend/
==> Become a Member (ascii unicorn and a lot more):
==> Give a class gift certificate: http://machineproject.com/store/

In case you’re not aware – the FRY-B-Q is today from 8-11pm, and now features pie! Machine will also be screening videos from the LACMA show all night, next door at the Echo Park Film Center.

Please give what you can. Spend the $50+ you would usually spend on coffee and drinks in LA for January and give it to Machine. I promise you’ll achieve enlightenment and all your dreams will come true if you help. I just donated $50. If you can’t afford that much, donate what you can, and help spread the word.

LA City Budget Survey: Share your voice!

I’m on a mailing list for NorthEastLA (NELA) community issues and this came across my desk: the City of Los Angeles Budget Survey. I just completed the survey myself. I think it’s a good exercise and brings up a lot of interesting questions. Why no survey questions about subway funding or routes? And why do they even have to ask about what they call “needs based budgeting,” which would divert funding to areas that appear to need them the most? Is the city actually NOT “Repaving streets based on condition of the streets and the usage of the particular street?” or NOT “Focusing gang reduction services in communities where gang crime occurs most”…? Why do they even have to ask me if this is a good idea?! It made me think of a recent report I heard on local newsradio, where a representative from the Westside was bitching about higher-crime communities diverting his crime-prevention forces. “I know we don’t have as much crime as those areas,” he admitted, then went on to whine about the whole thing.

Well, ’nuff said. Go voice your own opinion here. The letter that came with the link is behind the jump.

Info on the current budget & process is here; the fiscal year 2008/09 budget itself is here. Continue reading LA City Budget Survey: Share your voice!

LA Metblogs is searching for great new writers!

Admit it. You’ve all been secretly seething with desire to become a glamorous, fashionable and super-sexy Metblogs author.

Ok, well maybe not seething. Maybe just oozing. But if it does appeal to you, I’m now opening up a pool for potential metblogs writers (oozing not required). You can submit yourself for consideration. If you’ve had a favorite person you’d like to see on our author roll, now’s the time to ask them (or ask yourself) if they’d/you’d be willing to:

1. Blog for us in the first place.
2. Make at least four posts a week, you slacker.
3. Contribute to the forums and show up to events; in other words, be active in our little author’s community.

I’m looking for people who have a proven record of being able to make quality posts on a regular basis, & have been doing so for long enough to demonstrate some stick-to-it-iveness. Also people who have strong, concise, articulate voices and who can bring new & interesting ideas to the table.

You can’t “nominate” anyone; applicants must submit themselves.

Interested parties should ping me at lucindamichele (at) gmail (dawt) com with [metblogs] in the subject line.

Send me a little info about yourself,
show me a blog or other publication you’ve been writing for (if you don’t have one, I need writing samples; no attachments, please),
and tell me why you wanna write for Metblogs.

Submissions will be closed December 20.

No decisions will be made until after the holidays.

We’re all really looking forward to seeing our potential new contributors!

Old Bank District Holiday Party with The Like, Whispertown 2000, Rumspringa, and Your Friend Beer

As if Saturday wasn’t going to be batshit crazy already (sorry, Santacon‘s sleigh passes are sold out), the Old Bank District is partnering with Little Radio for their annual holiday event, which’ll have a beer garden & cocktail bar, a holiday light installation, an art and gift bazaar, tasty specials at the local restaurants and live indie bands curated by the geniuses behind Little Radio, plus a live jazz band in Harlem Place Alley next to Lost Souls Cafe.

Blogdowntown scooped this info first thing but I thought I’d republish it here in case anyone doesn’t check BDT regularly (you should).

LA Museums: In trouble? Got solutions?

So I (over)heard a conversation recently between some relatively high-powered ad-type people, and the topic was LA’s museums. And how they were suffering from record-low attendance. The situation was so dire, in fact, that these ad-type people were working with a cultural organization of some sort (I have no idea which one) to possibly create a giant ad campaign that would raise awareness about LA’s museums, and that would drive people back through the gallery doors.

Of course, this is all hearsay, and prudence requires I not go into detail about the idea or the campaign, but it did make me stop and think–why don’t (most) people go to museums any more? What could get people back in the door?

My first suggestion is to drop membership fees. I mean, I used to work at LACMA and even with my disturbingly detailed awareness of that institution’s holdings and the importance of its collections, I still don’t have a membership–let alone the Muse membership I wish I could afford, that would grant me access to all the museum’s coolest events.

Clearly LACMA’s hungry for members: just take a gander at all the carrots they’ve added in to this membership pitch I recently found in my inbox (click to embiggen). But in this economic climate, it’s unrealistic to expect folks to drop a cool $90 for the basic membership–and an additional $50 for Muse. Muse events, like their costume ball, Young Directors’ Night, Muse ’til Midnight and more–are designed to appeal to a younger, hipper crowd and innoculate the museum against the attrition caused by the rapid graying of its members; (click thru to continue)

Continue reading LA Museums: In trouble? Got solutions?

Give love, gift a home to two needy kitties

So our fearless leader Sean has a hairy problem. Well, two. They also have claws and soft little ears. They are Kira & Pig. They are about to be homeless.

These little ones actually belonged to our friend & former metblogs author Caryn, who recently moved to England. She thought she’d found a home for them, but after she’d left to cross the pond, said potential home flaked. LAME. Now Sean is stuck cat-sitting, and he’s running out of time to find them a new home, especially with his constant traveling and impending move.

If you, or someone you know, has ever thought, “Maybe I should get a cat? I wonder…”–this is your chance to get two loveable, snuggly and sweet kitties. It’s not their fault that they’ve gotten stuck in this conundrum, and they’re really at the mercy of the people around them. They need someone with a big heart to take them in & love them. That love will pay in dividends.

Our furballs in question are 14 & 13, respectively, and very attached to one another. Sean tells you all about their personalities here. At a time when many people are trying to change the meaning of the holidays from a celebration of excess to a celebration of love & charity, this would be a true act of kindness: opening your home to a pair of little animals who really depend on us for survival.

You know you have space in your house & your heart. So drop me a line and let me know–lucindamichele (at) gmail (dawt) com.

“Triangle Fire” enters LA County, Diamond Bar has mandatory evacs

I got a call from my friend Larry in Diamond Bar advising he was being evacuated as the “Triangle Fire” had crossed into LA County.  A quick check of NBC4 shows that this is true and part of the 57 Freeway has been closed as well on the eastern side of the metro area right at the county line .  

From NBC4: More Evacuations, 9:45 a.m.: The Country Estates gated community in Diamond Bar is being evacuated as the Freeway Complex fire has jumped to the north, and is moving into Los Angeles County.

Traffic Alert, 8:30 a.m. Sunday:  A flare-up of the Freeway Complex fire in Brea Pass has forced the closure of the Orange (57) Freeway between Lambert Road and the Pomona (60) Freeway. A passing motorist reported that flames had erupted on the west side of the freeway at about 8:15 a.m.

Update 11:57AM Crime Scene blog posts a good map of the Diamond Bar Evacuation area.

With this new information I would suggest checking freeway closures in the eastern end of the metro area if you are heading into the OC today.

Pic by my friend Shane and used with his permission.  They were taken late yesterday from the Palms Hotel in Industry where he houses some of his Limos looking towards the fires that were then in Chino Hills.