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The Decline Of Los Angeles

Good question. Why ARE we re-electing that smarmy son of a bitch?

Today, Curbed linked to a Joel Kotkin editorial in Forbes about the sad state of our city. I think it’s spot-on. Just a few nuggets:

From real estate to unemployment, the city has suffered under Antonio Villaraigosa.

L.A. seems to be fading rapidly toward irrelevancy. Its economy has tanked faster than that of the nation, with unemployment now close to 10%.

Virtually every major initiative from Villaraigosa has been a dismal failure; from a poorly executed program to plant more trees to a subsidized drive to refashion downtown Los Angeles into a mini-Manhattan.

Villaraigosa, according to a devastating recent report in the LA Weekly, spends remarkably little time–about 11%–actually doing his job. The bulk of his 16-hour or so days are spent politicking, preening for the cameras and in other forms of relentless self-promotion.

Read the entire thing here. Then leave us a comment.

I know how I felt when I read it: Godsdammit, he’s right. When does the frakkin’ revolution begin?