The Koigu is IN – at Unwind

If you don’t knit this won’t mean much, but if you do your heart will flutter when I tell you that UNWIND is full of Koigu KPPPM!

The UPS man has driven away and the store – for the moment – is filled with this amazing yarn.

Made it stupidly small batches, delivered only once a year, and almost impossible to find.

Except right now.

You’re welcome –

Another chance to learn sock knitting

Learn to make these!
Learn to make these!

Did you miss my sock knitting class back in July?

That’s cool – but if you still want to give it a try I’m doing another one.

I’m telling you, socks are SUPER easy if you use the Magic Loop technique, and since nobody left my last class crying or cursing, apparently I’m just the person to teach it to you.

This time it’s broken over two Sundays (hey it’s a lot to learn in one session), and again it’s at The Little Knittery in marvelous Atwater Village.

MAGIC LOOP CLASS $50: Learn to knit your first pair of socks using the Magic Loop. Class will also cover turning the heel, shaping the toe, and kitchener stitch bindoff. (2 Sundays).

October 19th and 26th, 12 – 2 p.m.

Reserve your space by email: knittery [at], or by phone: 323-663-3838.