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Universal Theme Park Rides For 2060?

Sean O’ Neal of the outstanding Onion AV Club posted a loving obituary to the King Kong section of the the Universal Studios theme park tour here in Los Angeles. As you’ve heard, the Kong from the back lot ride was severely damaged in last week’s fire at Universal and officials announced that the King Kong would not be returning.

With the exception of Mr. O’Neal, I don’t expect many tears are being shed for the King Kong. While it had been operating for more than two decades it never was a beloved fixture at the park. Actually, there’s little at Universal that can be described as beloved. If I had friends in from out of town, I’d only take them to Universal if I never wanted them to come back. But I digress.

There are two surprising things about the ride, to me at least: the first is that it lasted as long as it did. If you’ve been on it, you know it sucked. The second is that when it opened it didn’t seem at all odd that the park was adding a feature based on with a character from a movie that opened more than 50 years earlier.

Let’s assume for a minute that we we’re going to replace that part of ride with a new one, based on a movie from the 50’s. What would it be?

My list of suggestions starts and ends with The Day The Earth Stood Still but beyond that I’m at a loss. A Touch of Evil The Ride? Ride 9 From Outer Space?

Conversely, what movie from this decade could you see becoming a ride in 2060? Will there be a Roller Coaster of the Traveling Pants?