Great little Italian Market in Arcadia

Claros Simple window display facing busy Huntington Drive in Arcadia
Claro's Simple window display facing busy Huntington Drive in Arcadia

For years I’ve heard about “a little Italian market in Arcadia”.  I never bothered to seek it out as I could get what I needed at an Toni’s or Pinocchio’s in Burbank.  Not seeking Claro’s out earlier was a mistake I quickly learned today.  Just getting out of the car I realized Claro’s Italian Market was going to be good.  I wish I had not put  off tracking Claro’s down as it is more of a market with a nice deli instead of the other way around.  The imported foodstuffs alone is worth the visit.

I can’t imagine where else in LA you can find a better selection of olive oils, tomato, cheese, polenta and who knows what else Italian, fobby or otherwise than here.  I was impressed.  The prices were good to outright cheap compared to regular chain stores in the area.   I’m about to be a regular there and can’t wait to sample even more of the fresh stuff as well as all the cheeses.

Details: Claro’s Italian Market. 19 1/2 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia CA 91006 626-446-0275

Turns out they have 5 stores total.  Locations and more info on their web site.  More pics and a little bit more on my finds today.  Continue reading “Great little Italian Market in Arcadia”