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Great advice on a bumper sticker

That is great advice if you a) believe in alien vistation and b) have fear of alien abduction. With option “b” I thought most came during the night while you were sleeping. A little rarer is driving on some lonely country road, which thankfully we have none in metro LA.   None the less one more reason to buckle up.  Pic by me with the cell phone and it does get bigger with a click.

Found on Road Alive:flamed 1951 Ford F-1 pick ’em up.

1951 Ford F-1
1951 Ford F-1

I spotted this largely untouched survivor the other night whilst checking out a local Art Bear (post to follow).  This gem was “flamed” with a can of krylon for a blessing of the cars some 20 years ago, its been allowed to just gain a patina of age all on its own.  The owner debates whether to allow it to continue to gather patina or give it a fancy paint job.  If he does the latter he fears that he’ll be afraid to drive it and chance being in an accident.

Pic by me and it does get bigger with a click.

ICME : Disco Pinto

Disco Pinto click to embiggen

I’m a huge fan of art cars.  Its like the anit-HOA thingy, its about not staying in the lines and making a statement.  I’ve heard of the “Disco Pinto” running around here for a while. I actually spotted it behind the Orange Curtain earlier this morning at a car show.  I give it my “Best of Show” award at the Fabulous Fords Forever show that is running down there this afternoon.  Anyone else seen this car?  If not what is your favorite “art car” out there?

Buy clothes that fit…mildly nsfw

make the jump for uncensored

It caught my eye not in a good way.  Seriously, if you’re buying clothes, buy clothes that fit.  Nothing is worse than sitting down to dinner and having a big hairy butt crack staring at you when you look up from the menu.  Or plate.  Seriously its a total what not to wear moment.

Pic by me with my trusty cell phone.  To see it in its still blurred maximum glory you need to make the jump.

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ICME: Big Donuts

I was stuck at the courthouse near LAX for jury duty most of yesterday, a good 20 miles from my apartment.  The only thing that made this trek worthwhile – besides, of course, performing my civic duty and whatever – was a stop at Randy’s Donuts on my way home.  The glazed, people, the glazed donut is a perfect little pillow with sugar on top.  On my way out, I stopped short at what had to be the owner’s car – pretty awesome, I thought.

ICME: Obscenely High Gas Prices

Sigh.  From the very handy but depressing GasBuddy, gas prices are above the $3.50 mark all over the city, and some poor motorists in North Hollywood are seeing $4.00 a gallon.  The LA Times blames the rising prices on “unrest” in the Middle East, but exporting the blame is too easy. Politicians haven’t really followed through on vague promises to reduce dependence on foreign oil; we like big cars; and someone (not Ed Begley, Jr.) killed the electric car.  Public transportation, anyone?

ICME: Where to Buy Your Stupid Man Suit

All Kinds of Crazy on Sale

Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

While it doesn’t answer the question the question why he’s wearing it, now we know where Donnie Darko may have got his stupid man suit.

Korea Town, Western and 3rd.

I’m not sure it’s very convincing, though.

(Pic taken w/my phone.)

ICME: Rowena Reservoir

One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is the constant discovery of new-to-me things. I recently visited a friend in Silver Lake. I parked on St. George Street near Rowena, as I almost always had, but saw something I’d never seen before. (I think it was always dark). What caught my eye was the Rowena Reservoir, referred to as “Fantasy Island” by locals. It’s beautiful! I drove around it to see where to enter and found the gate. It was locked as the public is not allowed into this oasis.

ICME: Thunderheads over The Valley

click to embiggen

Today was the official celebration of the end of summer vacation at my house and time for our annual trek to just screw around at Venice Beach.  Glorious day for it I tell you, barely 70’s and a nice stiff breeze off the ocean made for a break from the heat.

If the heat today seems worse than yesterday it should.  Those thunderheads over The Valley came about with the arrival of monsoonal moisture over the basin.   I just makes the heat a little more unbearable for those stuck inland.

Pic by me with the trusty cell cam.

ICME: Dog on a Hot Tin Roof

Walking my dog through Echo Park bright and early on a few weekends ago, I caught this dog just hanging out on the roof of the house.  Just – standing there, watching us with his/her steely eyes.  I took it as a sign, but of what exactly, I’m not exactly sure.

ICME: Free at Last

Free People on Sale

Sometimes this city’s cement river boundaries can be horrifically isolating.  So, when you see signs like these during times like those, it’s like the universe is saying, “Yeah, I know.  Sorry.”

(Caveat: I know Free People is a line of clothing.  I know it is.  It’s still pretty damned funny.)

ICME: 5 on the 5


While traveling south on the 5 Freeway this past weekend, I spotted a white, blue and grey boxy vehicle passing us on the left. It looked like an unmarked ambulance, which I figured  was probably a prop car for a film or tv shoot. I didn’t think too much more about it until several seconds later when there was suddenly another one, and then another one, and so on. Five generic ambulances in all. Since I wasn’t driving, I snapped a few photos until they exited onto the 60 toward Pomona as we continued toward the O.C.