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Are You Ready To Move To Watts?

The problems with LAUSD have been corrected. The Subway to the Sea has been finished. Ånd one million trees have been planted.

Having solved every other major issue facing the city of Los Angeles, the Mayor now wants to address housing.

Today, Antonio Villaraigosa announces his $5-billion plan to build housing for the poor and middle class. The Times gives us a quick rundown of what this plan will include, like more mixed income housing along the Metro Gold and Expo Lines.

It will also include this nugget:

Redeveloping the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts into a mixed-income housing development with some units for very poor people and some units of market-rate housing.

If you happen to be one of the candidates looking for market-rate housing, and should you decide to relocate to a swanky new loft at the Jordan Downs projects development, might I recommend an affiliation with the hometown 103rd Grape Street Watts Baby Loc Crips?

Photo from Ilpo’s Sojourn’s photostream

Architectural High: The Long Goodbye

The first time I caught a film at Cinefamily was last Friday. The film was Robert Altman’s 1973 adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye. I scurried over Hollywood from Burbank after work to meet a friend at the excellent repertory theater on Fairfax (also known as The Silent Movie Theater) and spent the next hour and a half realizing why people gave me such hell for never having seen it.

Great script, great acting, great fun (and a pants-less cameo by California’s governor,) but what really blew me away was Gould’s Hollywood Hills pad, which had so much personality and presence, with its spectacular views and free-standing elevator tower, that it became a character all its own. My friend Maria, companion for the evening and old coworker from my Rocket Video days, told me she used to live on the same street. That was the only clue I needed. The next day, because I do that sort of thing, I went exploring in the hills until I found it. It’s on Hightower Drive. (another monster pic after the fold)

Think it’s rent-controlled?

The Long Goodbye

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64 Worst: Cost of Rent vs. No NFL Team

64 Worst Things About LA - click here for more!

Which is more ridiculous, the cost of rent in L.A., or the absence of pro football?

The economy is in shambles. Or, as President Bush calls it, in a “slowdown.” The housing crisis has littered the SoCal landscape with signs of foreclosure. Yet, with home prices falling, rents are going up. nfl.gifAnd half the time, you still have to bring your own refrigerator.

There have been arguments that professional sports teams can be a boon to a city’s economy. They can also be a source of civic pride, if they’re not a joke on the playing field. Los Angeles has been home 3 different NFL teams: the Raiders, the Rams, and the Chargers. Now, two years after Governor Schwarzenegger told the league he wanted 2 teams, L.A. is still home to none.

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