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Want to be a hero? Like money? Find this Chihuahua

Hey friends, Mark and Steve here.

We’re both dog lovers, Steve has two adorable girls, a Shih tzu named Muppy and a Pug named Gertrude. We know what it’s like to have a pet run off, so stories like this hit home.

Now, we’re not ones to post any old missing dog story, but this one has some pretty unique circumstances. Alisa Zoe and her boyfriend were in a serious car accident on the night of Sunday, the 20th. Their dog, Moo was with them, apparently unharmed by the accident, ran off during all the hullabaloo that follows two giant wads of metal colliding.

Click here if you have eyes and love dogs!

Hollywood Sign Threatened?

Hollywood Sign

AP reports that a giant parcel of land around the Hollywood Sign is up for sale, and that a wave of protest is building to preserve it. Residents, politicians and pundits worry that the land’s sale would pave the way for unwelcome development, but the city apparently can’t just buy it. The asking price of $22 million is a smidge above the legal cap of $6 million the city can pay. Should we start a collection?

It’s hard to imagine a world that would let this happen, but the cynic in me worries that it will one day become the AT&T Hollywood Sign. I suppose we could just let Heidi Montag pay for it, which would be fine as long as we don’t mind changing it to “Heidiwood.”.

Maybe they’ll put in a Pinkberry.

It Caught My Eye (Part III): Birds Of Hollywood Mural… Complete


(click two-frame pano for immensification)

First found half-finished in the middle of February I returned about a week later to find the right panel partially done. It was well worth the month-long delay in getting back yesterday afternoon and discovering its evolution complete and beautifully colorized yesterday afternoon. Should you wish to see is magnificence for yourself (and you should), it’s on the south side of Fountain Avenue, a block and a half east of Gower (map).

Memo to Casting Agents: Please don’t waste actors from The Wire

Sunday night, the Best Show In The History Of Television airs its final episode. Once The Wire is gone, what is going to happen to its stellar cast? Several of them have relocated to Los Angeles and I hope that their stars will be on the rise. But somehow, I’m guessing they’re in for some rough road.

For example, Andre Royo has recently relocated to Silverlake with his wife, who runs Canele in Atwater. He should be getting ready to collect his fifth Emmy for his portrayal of Bubbles. Instead, you may have seen him for a second and a half, getting wordlessly gunned down in the background of an episode of Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Robert F. Chew, who played the amazing Proposition Joe, is still in Baltimore, and given the parts he’s been asked to read for by Hollywood production companies, maybe that’s a good thing. (listen at about 20:30 mark.)

At least Lance Reddick is showing up on Lost, when he’s not hawking Cadillacs.

Anybody else seen or heard of Wire alumni here in town? Anybody see them in other shows, in parts big or small?

And is there any hope for a sitcom starring Isiah Whitlock, following the antics of a lovably corrupt public official with a penchant for a certain extra-syllabic epithet? Or how about pilots for Wendell Pierce or Clarke Peters?

“We’re all gonna die!!!”

Doomsday promotion, Franklin and Highland, Hollywood, CA Doomsday promotion, Franklin and Highland, Hollywood, CA

I received a couple different text messages from friends telling me some “zombies” or “goths” had assembled at the corner of Franklin and Highland during rush hour Tuesday afternoon. I grabbed my camera and over.

So, who were these Mad Max style protesters taunting drivers with screaming, signs warnings of foreboding death, cracking whips, and raising swords high in the air?

Jihaadists? Anarachists? Activists? Answers and more pics after the jump… Continue reading “We’re all gonna die!!!”