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Hollywood Studio Collection Wardrobe Sale

Earlier this week I alerted you to the LA Opera’s first ever costume sale and now I bring you this, just in time for Halloween costume shopping.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Second Home to Hot Stars Like Us
The Movie Wardrobe Sale Takes Place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Second Home to Hot Stars Like Us

There is going to be another amazing sale this weekend, the Hollywood Studio Collection’s wardrobe sale. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will benefit Childhelp, one of the world’s largest organizations that aids victims of child abuse and neglect.

Thousands of wardrobe pieces from various movie sets will be sold during the three-day event that consists of both vintage and contemporary clothing, shoes, décor, accessories and props that have been used in some of today and yesterday’s most influential blockbuster films. The sample sale will offer rare and one-of-a-kind items that would normally be sold for thousands of dollars, for as little as $10.

The sale takes place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel this Saturday, October 10 through Monday, October 12 in the Oscar Room on the second level of the hotel.

Admission is only $5. For more information, visit www.TheHollywoodStudioCollection.com or call (818) 812-6068.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Blvd., across from Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Scientology’s New Uniforms


The streets of Hollywood just turned up the wacky.

L. Ron Hubbard has reached from beyond the cosmos to release his new Fall line for local Scientologists and their brethren around the world. They are uniforms for the new Ideal Org churches, and Gawker takes a look:

These uniforms are manufactured by some sort of magical logistics pipeline called a “conveyor belt” for the “Ideal Org,” a purportedly superior new type of church, according to International Scientology News. The uniform is intended to unite staff on “six continents” and help them look the part of “emissaries of a new civilization.”

Red, white and black uniforms for a new civilization. I think I remember something similar from a history book.

Still, I have three very important questions about these new unis that I would like answered:

  1. Is the men’s tie reversible, or is it a clip-on?
  2. Does the cape have the Scientology “S” logo on the back?
  3. Are other accessories available, like an engraved cigar case or alternate red pumps?

Way to go, Xenu. Only you can make us both tremble and giggle just by putting on a suit.

Cartoon Dump!

Photo by gaelenh used under Creative Commons.
Photo by gaelenh used under Creative Commons.

I’ve said it before, and it continues to be true: One of the best parts of living in L.A. is that every night of the week there is something to do that will be fun, interesting, and perhaps more than a little unusual. Case in point, last night’s performance of “Cartoon Dump!” at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood.

Cartoon Dump! is a parody of a children’s television variety show which centers around some of the worst cartoons ever aired. The show was created by Frank Conniff (formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000) and animation historian Jerry Beck. In addition to the really bad cartoons, there are songs, comedy, puppets, and (at least last night) a juggler.

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Dance Face (Don’t Let it Happen to you)

Regarding the Contortions of the Face that Occasionally Happen Whilst Dancing

Dance Face

In booths and against the walls, chic-looking fashionistas and Hollywood types leaned and looked around the Bar Marmont. Like a lion/ess gazing across the Serengeti, each leaner surveyed the room, searching for any sign of stylistic weakness in other Gucci-shoed peeps in the pack. After all, this was, allegedly, a “cool event:” the private listening party for Diplo (aka MIA’s ex-boyfriend) and Switch’s (an English DJ) project Major Lazer (an aural ode to Jamaica). But when the music started and the leaning stopped, the dance floor filled with (sorta) writhing bodies each afflicted with the same syndrome: Dance Face… Continue reading Dance Face (Don’t Let it Happen to you)

Celebrate Thai New Year With A Serious Head Beating

My mother is Thai, my brother is a former Muay Thai kickboxing champion, and I have 30+ Thai cousins and assorted other relatives still living in Thailand. While this doesn’t make me an expert on all things Thai, it does provide me with an overly inflated tone of superiority when discussing Songkran (Thai New Year), which will be celebrated in Thai Town this Sunday, April 5 as part of the 6th Annual Songkran Festival.

Muay Thai Fighter Perdforming the Wai Kru. Taken at Sityodtong Muay Thai, Pasadena, CA, February 9, 2008
Muay Thai Fighter Performing the Wai Kru. Taken at Sityodtong Muay Thai, Pasadena, CA, February 9, 2008

Like all festivals of this sort, there will be overpriced food stalls offering mediocre Thai food, displays of traditional Thai dance, raffles, religious ceremonies (Note to the Ladies: Do not ever touch the monks!), beer tents, and the 2nd Annual International Curry Festival. However, year-after-year, my favorite event of Songkran is watching the Muay Thai fighters duke it out in the ring.

All Songkran Festival events are free to spectators, so this is an excellent opportunity for first timers to introduce themselves to the rad sport of Muay Thai. From what I can tell, there is no obvious boxing schedule posted anywhere on the Songkran Festival site (please let me know if you find one), but from past years, the fights seem to go on from mid morning through late afternoon. If you happen to catch a match this Sunday during the festival, here are some things you should know about the sport. Continue reading Celebrate Thai New Year With A Serious Head Beating

“The Millionaire Matchmaker” and My Love/Hate Relationship With Los Angeles

img_1415I did not move to Southern California to be part of the “scene,” whether that word is preceded by “entertainment industry,” “Hollywood,” “celebrity” or some other term.  It’s fine with me if others are immersed in that, but I prefer the serenity of beach town life.   Of course, due to our location, one can theoretically bounce between serenity and “scene” as one wishes.  And Hollywood is a mere 15 miles away.

One area, however, where “Hollywood” and my beach town come crashing together is in the countless films, television programs,  commercials, videos, and print ads that are shot near me in Marina del Rey, Venice, and Santa Monica.  I never realized how often this happens until I moved here.  Usually, I’m proud and excited to see my neighborhood pop up on television or the big screen.  But the television program containing more scenes filmed in my area than just about any other, “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” is also one of the most annoying, and represents some of what I dislike about Los Angeles.

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Voulez-Vous Voir Un Film?

Los Angeles (Metblogs) – Just when you thought you’d have to wait until Festival De Cannes in May to spread that gooey brie all over your crusty baguette and stick it in your grosse bouche, a week of French films will be premiering in Hollywood April 20 – 26, 2009 as part of the 13th annual COL•COA French Film Festival.

Francois Truffart at the 2007 COL•COA Film Festival
Francois Truffart at the 2007 COL•COA Film Festival

Metblogs reader, Laure confirmed that tickets are available online NOW and will likely sell out! Click here to check out what’s available.

Beginning April 11, you can purchase advance tickets at the COL•COA box office (cash or checks only) located in the lobby of the Directors Guild of America. During the festival, the box office will open a half an hour before the first show time of the day. All films will be presented with English subtitles.

The event takes place at the Directors Guild of America Theater Complex at 7920 Sunset, LA, CA 90046.

So how many francs will this petite festival set you back? Continue reading Voulez-Vous Voir Un Film?

Titillating Trio This Tuesday

Blind Old Freak, Cyrusrex, DJ Anon
BlindOldFreak, Cyrusrex, DJ Anon

Having seen Cortini perform with both modwheelmood and NIN, I fully recommend checking him out as BlindOldFreak on Tuesday, March 10 at Knitting Factory Hollywood. Closing out his 2009 “It’s Going to be a Cold Winter” Tour, BlindOldFreak will be joined by Cyrusrex and DJ Anon (of Booby Trap fame) Tuesday night. This may be your last chance to see him perform an intimate show before he explodes into mega fame. Don’t miss it.

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Resident Evil Blood Drive

Los Angeles area gamers can totally pwn some good deedage next Friday, March 13th by donating blood at the World of Wonder gallery on Hollywood Blvd.

Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5

Capcom will usher in the launch of Resident Evil 5 on Friday, March 13th by partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive. On the way to pick up their very own copy of Resident Evil 5, gamers in the LA area will be invited to give back to the community by donating blood at the World of Wonder gallery on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, Calif. from 11 am – 5 pm.

In addition, fans of the series will have the chance to get exclusive limited-edition Resident Evil 5 Blood Drive collectibles, win copies of the game, enter a raffle for one of several exclusive red Xbox 360® Resident Evil limited edition consoles and most importantly, do their part to help a good cause.

Drop-ins are welcome but Capcom is asking gamers who plan to attend to sign up in advance at capcom-unity.com. Continue reading Resident Evil Blood Drive

You Can Only Have Fun for 1 Hour in Hollywood on a Saturday Night

dEAd Hollywood Parking Meter
Photo by Mike Hudson

I’m in Hollywood regularly and revel in having “good parking karma.” That is, I usually have good luck in usually finding street spots within a few blocks of my destination and avoid the lots. While I’d read about city-wide changes in parking rates, hours, and meters, it didn’t really affect me until this past weekend.

Running a little late for a show at the Pantages Theatre, where we parked would possibly make or break us seeing the beginning of the performance. With that in mind, we resolved to just find a lot and I had the cash ready to hand over. But, we saw a spot on Hollywood Boulevard very close to the theater. Based on our prior knowledge, we knew at 7:55 pm, we’d be fine parking there.

Wrong. Not only are all of the meters chopped off of the poles in favor of pay stations, there are new rates and hours. And they are outrageously ridiculous. Not only is it $2 an hour to park in that area*, it is 1 hour parking only until MIDNIGHT on Fridays and Saturdays! This is in the middle of a dense collection of restaurants, clubs, and theaters. What could someone do that will only take one hour? I’m guessing the parking lot fees will go up even higher.

Since the musical we were attending was not going to be wrapped up in 50 minutes, we ended up in a lot. At least we still made it to our seats on time.

*I don’t know the exact geography of these hours. I was on Hollywood Blvd. between Vine and Cahuenga.

Dinner… And A Free Movie

Hollywood & Highland has just announced a new promotion offering diners free movie tickets to the Mann’s Theatre with any purchase of a meal at participating restaurants.  Just show same day receipts totaling $30 or more at the Visitor’s Information Center on Level I and you’ll get a pair of tickets!  (There is a one pair per person, per receipt, per day limit.)

The promotion runs through February 15th while supplies last.  For more information as well as a list of restaurants involved visit their website here.

Second City Fundraiser: Laugh your way to good karma

The Second City, legendary comedy theatre company, will present “The Best of Second City,” an hour-long sketch comedy revue that will benefit Hollywood Media + Arts. The event is co-sponsored by Nike Sportswear.

Scheduled to perform in this show are Larry Joe Campbell (“According to Jim”), Frank Caeti (MADtv) and Nyima Funk Funk (MTV’s “Wild N’ Out” and “Thank God You’re Here”) and Rebecca Allen.

One Night Only!
The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre
1615 Vine Street
Monday, December 15 at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets are $40 and are available in advance at www.etix.com. All proceeds benefit Hollywood Media +Arts. For box office information, call 323/464-8542.

And yes this is a fundraiser, but if $40 is too steep, tickets are 1/2 off if purchased through goldstar.com. You have to be a goldstar member to purchase tickets through the site, but membership is free.

And if you’re all Facebooked up, check it out this way.

Knitting Factory Facing Possible Closure by City

UPDATE: via LAist, here’s a link to the Notice of Hearing, which notes that there’s also petition “stating the non compliance with the conditions of the Zoning Administrators’ grant approvals” with a whopping 31 signatures and “photographs of illegal activity within the establishment use.”

The Knitting Factory, which opened its doors in a beleaguered, beat down section of Hollywood eight years ago and helped spearhead the neighborhood’s dramatic improvements since, is apparently facing the possibility of revocation of their Conditional Use Permit by LADBS. This would effectively put them out of business:

Dear Friends of The Knitting Factory,

I’m writing this letter to garner support for an upcoming public hearing by the LADBS (Los Angeles Bldg. and Safety) against our venue on Thursday July 17th 2008.

The Los Angeles Building Department is aggressively trying to revoke our CUP (Conditional Use Permit). For those of you who don’t know, a CUP is the conditions that all restaurants, bars, clubs etc must run under in order to keep their doors open. If you lose your CUP, you are essentially closed for business. After eight years in a crime riddled Hollywood corridor, the LADBS and vice state that our venue is a “nuisance” and we do not comply under “upscale restaurant guidelines” (nonsense, food is always served and continues service and will someone please define “upscale” for me). They are also trying to say we do a steady stream of Erotica here, which is absurd, as we’ve only had 3 Adult Entertainment parties over 8 years and 10,000 shows.

Bar owners beware; the city is on a major crack down for what they deem CUP violations.

More info about how you can speak out on behalf of one of Hollywood’s most creative and energetic venues after the jump.
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