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Win Tickets to Okkervil River at the Fonda with Sea Wolf & Zykos


So Okkervil River has to be one of my favorite bands EVAR and you can bet on seeing me wearing my platforms in the front row through Sea Wolf (who I also LOVE, especially mad props to Lisa) and staying firmly planted there, refusing to be supplanted by taller folks, until the headliner goes on. (Even with the platforms everyone is still taller than me. Why do all you tall boys insist on wedging in right in front of short girls? fuck you.) I’ve actually never seen these folks live–years ago they came to the Silverlake Lounge but couldn’t play at the last minute, so instead some band called The 88 played. They were pretty good.   ;)

Anyhoo, I’m fresh out of creative ways for you to win tickets to this awesome show so how about you just tell me what a big fan you are & how much you want tickets? I’ll pick the most lovelorn Okkervil-worshippers.

Win Tickets to Juno Reactor at the El Rey, Sept. 25!

If you don’t know Juno Reactor you probably know their big hit, Mona Lisa Overdrive (named after the William Gibson novel), off the original The Matrix soundtrack. It really set the tone for the film and IMHO influenced gobs of electronic musicians that followed. This should be a fantastic show.

Want to win a pair of tickets? Fabricate your own futuristic name for a song–but you have to use the title of a classical painting in the name. Ha! Getting my Art History rocks off at your expense. You know–“Girl With a Singularity Pearl Earring.” Please–you can do better than I.

Thanks to Goldenvoice we also have three CDs to give away! So remember to leave your email in the comment form so I can contact you if you win, as I’ll need your name (for the will acll list) and your mailing addy (so they can send you your CD). woop woop!

Win Tix to Delerium at the El Rey on the 17th

Hey there goth and shoegaze/ethereal/dreampop kids, or anyone who liked that Sarah McLachlan song “Silence”–Delerium, originally a side project of Front Line Assembly, is coming to LA on the 17th. We’ve got tickets and cds to give away, so to win all you have to do is enter the name of your fave “goth dance” into the comments. Leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

Win tix to the Detour Fest!

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Get this: Full sets from the Mars Volta and Gogol Bordello, plus festival sets from Shiny Toy Guns, Datarock, The Submarines, The Mae Shi, Japanese Motors, We Are Wolves, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Matt Costa, Cut Copy, Black Lips, Hercules & Love Affair, Grand Ole Party, Bitter:Sweet, Adam Freeland, Bloody Beetroots, Surkin, Para One, Peanut Butter Wolf, Nico Vega, Afternoons, Noah and the Whale, Mugison, donMoy, DJ Kid Lightning, Paparazzi and AC Means. All downtown, at 1st St. & Main, in the shadow of City Hall, on October 4. We’ve got some free tix & grand prizes to give away. Grand prize winner gets a 3-d poster (above left) and a Gogol CD.

How to win?

Post a link to your favorite image of Los Angeles in the comments below, or if you can manage it post the image itself (with a hat tip to whoever took or made the photo or image, of course). Explain a little about it if you want. We’ll randomly select a few winners in a day or two. Thanks!

Win Tix to Balkan Beat Box!

Look! They can fly too!
Look! They can fly too!

Founded by ex-Gogol Bordello member Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat of Firewater, Balkan Beat Box is one of those irresistible can’t-stop-dancing bands that brings together disparate types of music from across the globe to create a polyglot sound that activates every dormant aural-receptor in your brain. Plus they bring hot bellydancing chicks to their shows! Woo! They play with Deleon at the El Rey on the 9th.

And we’ve got tix! Just tell me your favorite “world” or “fusion” artist in the comments, along with your email address so I can reach you when you win. See? Easy peasy.

Or if you’re just not clever enough to comment, you can buy tix here.

Win Tickets to Black Kids with Lovelikefire at the El Rey!

black-kids.jpgJuly 29–that’s this coming Tuesday–the band that I first mistook for an extremely enthusiastic new The Cure recording (am I the only one who thinks the new Cure single blows?) is coming to the El Rey. In listening to the Black Kids’ record I can say with certainty that the are HELLA NOT The Cure and that they do, indeed, rock. It should be a great show!

We’ve got tickets! Want to win a pair? Heh…this should be fun: Enter the LEAST p.c. band name you can make up–the least p.c. you can manage to squeak out without checking yourself into sensitivity training classes! We’ll pick the most atrocious, amusing entry. Foul language sometimes gets auto-screened, so watch it. This should be artful & clever, not crass. Ok, maybe a little crass.

Go See Rilo Kiley at the Greek Tonight–for Free!


We haz winners! Sorry, no tickets left. Try the Warped Tour instead.

Last-minute ticket alert!!! We don’t even have time to make up a clever contest for this one. We’ll be choosing randomly from the first commenters to tell me their fave thing about tonight’s lineup at the Greek: Rilo Kiley, Lavender Diamond and Benji Hughes!

Leave an email I can reach you at asap.

OMG! Freekin’ Warped Tour!…Still!

you get what you pay forYes, the Warped Tour is still happening! After all these years! Year after year, it still happens!


We’ve got tickets to give away to their shows in Pomona (6/20) and Ventura (6.22)! You could see Against Me!, The Aggrolites, Angels & Airwaves, As I Lay Dying (Playing 6/20-7/18), The Bronx, Cobra Starship, Fear (Playing 6/22), Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Gym Class Heroes, HorrorPops, Katy Perry, Pennywise (Playing 6/20-6/29 and 7/15-8/3), Reel Big Fish, Relient K, Say Anything, Shwayze, Skeet Skeet, Story of the Year and too, too many more. Too many.

But I plan to make it difficult for you, or perhaps at least counterintuitive. Because I’m a pain in the ass.

To win, you have to tell me your LEAST FAVORITE BAND on the bill, and you have to give me a good reason why you hate them with every fiber of your being. Vitriol. Rage. Bile. Ad hominem attacks. Go on. Impress me. Be a hater.

If ya don’t win, and you still want tickets, buy ’em for Pomona (6/20) or Ventura (6.22)!