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Win Tix to People Under the Stairs at the El Rey 12/19, Friday!

Local cutups-made-good the charming People Under the Stairs (yes, charming–they’re funny and put on a fun show) bring their kicka** brand of underground hip-hop to the El Rey this Friday and you should go see ’em. If you haven’t heard them, go here to listen to a few tracks. They jokingly refer to themselves as “Fun DMC” and it’s a great way to describe their sound–they’ve got a little Tribe Called Quest, a little Jurassic Five…good times. Wanna go? We have free tickets for you. Just tell me your favorite classic hip-hop cut in the comments below & we’ll choose a few lucky winners to go party at the show. woot!

Wanna buy tix instead, oh ye of little faith? Here you go.

Win Tix to Medeski Martin & Wood on 11/21

Attention all brainy music geeks. MM&W will be annoying the hell out of short-attention-spanned folks like me on Friday at the El Rey. I frankly find the division between Friday’s Kraak & Smaak show & the MM&W gig fascinating.

Wanna go? Explain in the comments why you love Medeski, Martin & Wood so so so much. Winners will be chosen based on how much of a fanboy (or fangirl) you appear to be.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Win Tix to Kraak & Smaak at the Fonda 11/21

[EDIT]: Winners also get their bitchin’ cd!!!

Dutch funkmeisters Kraak & Smaak bring their bootylicious soultastic dancefloor ‘splodeyness to the Fonda on Friday, and I can’t think of a better way to get this weekend’s party started. In celebration of their irresistible “Bobby & Whitney” track, wannabe winners should enter into the comments their favorite star-crossed semi-retarded druggie couple. Winners will be chosen at random.

You can also buy tix here.

Win Tix to Old Crow Medicine Show @ the Fonda, Thursday Nov. 6

Grand Ole Opry alums and generally kickass dudes the Old Crow Medicine Show bring their bluegrassy cavalcade of Americana, alt-country awesomeness to the Fonda tomorrow night.  And we haz ticketz! You won’t be able to resist the toe-tapping, barnstorming brilliance of these young guys who play old-timey tunes with humor and charm. And did I mention they’re…well…kinda hot? They’re kinda hot.

To win a pair of tickets, tell me your favorite weird Appalachian musical instrument. You know–jug, washboard, spoons, bones, weird hybrid stringed instruments, whatever.  We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show. Please no “Deliverance” jokes. Yay!

Or you can just buy tickets yourself here.

Win Tix to Ingrid Michaelson @ the El Rey Thursday Nov. 6

The myspace protege & indie chanteuse will entrance yet more fans tomorrow here in LA. She plays with with Newton Faulkner and David Ford @ the El Rey. Wanna win tickets? Tell me how long you’ve been a dedicated fan & how you became one. We’ll pick random winners to get a pair of tickets to the show. FWIW, the gal came into our offices at my supa-corporate work & was extremely sweet, approachable and, well, normal. I say if the democratization-wave the tubes of the Internets has brought to the music industry creates a new, grassroots crop of down-to-earth musicians who aren’t full of themselves and who just deliver great music, then the world will be a better place.

If you don’t wanna chance it to win, and just wanna buy your tickets, you can get them here.

Win Tix to The Notwist at the Fonda on Wednesday!

Before The Postal Service, before Conor Oberst added glitch to his whine, before indie kids nationwide started adding pops and hisses to their tracks, The Notwist morphed their sound from guitar-rock to glitch-poetry, and it created a silent atomic bomb in the indie world. Pitchfork plotzed, party soundtracks got hijacked, and everyone bought Neon Golden.

I never heard it on the radio. I still think Indie had a massive blind spot on that one. OTOH, at that time Indie was owned by Clear Channel and was in an ‘alternative gold’ format, s I guess there wasn’t much chance for The Notwist to get airtime.

After much goofing around & collaborating with other acts, The Notwist has issued their first album in six years, “The Devil, You + Me.” It’s great. It still continues in the vein of Neon Golden, a sound that seems restrained against the current crackle of indie glitch. And I can attest that it’s perfect road trip music.

You couldn’t keep me away from their show this Wednesday with Jel & DJ OddNosdam. And no one should keep you away, either. To win a pair of tickets, comment below and tell me your favorite underappreciated band. We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show! If you’d like to just buy tix, you can go here.

…annnnnd win tickets to Dar Williams & Shawn Mullins at the El Rey!

We’re just chock-full of FREE STUFF lately! In addition to Stereolab, below, I’ve got tickets & cds for Dar Williams’ show at the El Rey tomorrow. This cutie patootie will be onstage with the charming Shawn Mullins. Isn’t she just adorable?! You know you want to go. Enter your favorite silly nickname (“Dar” was Mullins’ sister’s mispronunciation of “Dorothy”) in the comments & if you win we’ll give you tickets & a cd. Info on the show is here.

Win Tix to VNV Nation with Glis tomorrow at the El Rey!

Yep, we’re giving away tickets to their show tomorrow so you can get your deep, moody dancing on. To win a pair of tix and a CD, just post in the comments about the first time you heard music that was described as “Futurepop, EBM, Trance and Industrial.” Did it touch you deeply? In your soul? Or in some other deep, dark, filthy little place?

Here’s the info, so you can buy tix if you don’t win; they play tomorrow at the El Rey with Glis (no, not Gliss).

Win Tickets to Ghostland Observatory at the Mayan on the 16th

That awesome, almost-indescribable band Ghostland Observatory is returning to LA this week and I’m really hoping I won’t miss this show–because I keep mising them every time they’re in town. You shouldn’t miss them, either. To ensure you don’t, I’d suggest you enter to win tickets right here. Ayup.

To win, I want you to think up a cool band name with the word “ghost” in it. Because “ghost” is a cool word.


(To ensure you get tix rather than hoping you win, you can buy ’em here).

Win Tickets to Tegan & Sara at The Fonda!

Indie-emo-folky songstress Canucks Tegan & Sara visit our smoky city of LA for a couple shows this week, playing the Fonda on the 16th along with City & Colour (who are rad) and Girl In A Coma. And we’ve got a few pairs of tix (plus CDs!) to give away to a few lucky winners! Ta dah! The catch? You gotta write me a haiku. Ayup. The misses Tegan & Sara bust their asses getting all wordsmithy for us–the least you can do is reciprocate. Write me the cleverest (is that even a word?) haiku you can imagine in the comments below. Best haiku win tickets. Simple as that!

Here, I’ll start:

Haiku are real neat
But sometimes they make no sense

Oasis goes onsale tomorrow–win your tix now!

Ayup, they just gave me a couple pairs of Oasis tickets for their show December 4 at the Staples Center. (Again, Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born AND our first puppy.)

And need I mention that my future ex-husband Ryan Adams will open up for them? Squeeee!!!

To win a pair of tickets, tell me where you were when “Definitely Maybe” dropped (this should be interesting). I was in my junior year of high school, shaking off a grunge-rock hangover. You?

Wanna get in on the presale tomorrow, 10a-10p? Go here and enter the password, “WONDERWALL.”

Now, my fellow Angelenos, no assaulting Oasis when they get here. They’ve had quite enough.

Win Tickets to See Calexico at the Fonda on the 29th!

Ok, Calexico is up there on my desert island CD list. I’ve loved this band since 2001’s “Even My Sure Things Fall Through”–and I feel like a jerk for not having discovered them in 1997, when their first full-length came out. Blending central & south American sounds with the mestizo music of the US-Mexico border and the space-rock “New Western” sound–think Ennio Morricone filtered through a fuzzed-out Mexican radio. Their live shows are engrossing, with a balls-out brass section, guest vocalists en espanol, and music that expands to suffuse the whole space with an otherworldly feel you only get when you’re in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

So I’m insanely thrilled about this upcoming show and you can bet I’ll be there with bells on.

If you’d like to go too, tell me what your favorite song by them is, and why you love it so. The most impassioned fan gets the single pair of tickets we have to give. Or you can suck it up & buy tickets here.

Win Tix to The Hives & Eagles of Death Metal

Their show on the 24th has been cancelled, but these boys are keeping their second show date at the Mayan for what should be an awesome rock show in an amazing venue. And we have tickets! This should be a show of epic proportions. If you want to win tickets, tell me what your favorite song is (by either of the bands) and why, in the comments below. Leave your email so we can contact you if you win! If you’d prefer to buy tix, go here.

Win Tix to Cold War Kids at the Fonda, 9/24

Rascally Fullerton boys Cold War Kids have earned the love of rock fans nationwide with their unabashedly balls-out, swaggering and yowling rock’n’roll. They play at the Fonda this Wednesday the 24th and you can win tickets! To win, just leave the name of another local band in the comments–one you think people should know more about and one you think should get the same love Cold War Kids has gotten. Leave your email so I can reach you if you win!

And if you don’t win tickets, you can still buy ’em here.