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Is something amiss over the Skies of LA? Or is it just a Santa Monica thingy?

Matt Mason first reported something amiss over the skies of  LA back on November 10 here.  Then on the 23rd of November Tammara reported seeing something in the night skies as well.   Since then two YouTube videos have surfaced claiming UFO’s over Santa Monica, first on 12/1 and again last night (12/2).

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) claims that last nights video is a fake. He suggests its sea monkey’s out of focus and super-imposed.  A fake UFO?  Or is it?

You view them both and decide.  Comments on the YouTube vids border on the fanatical delusionist and can be at least entertaining to read before you head off for the weekend.
And now for the December 1 sighting dubbed “The Silver Surfer”