Win Tickets to Tokyo Police Club at the El Rey Thursday 12 August

Matthew J. Carbone's picture used through Creative Commons license
Among the awesomest things Canada has produced are our own Alexandra, Janna, and Tara (the latter whom we’ve loaned to Paris for the nonce) and, yes, Tokyo Police Club. I admit I’m a sucker for edgy pop music in the vein of The Strokes, but seriously, what’s not to like here? Tokyo Police Club‘s music is relentlessly catchy sing-in-the-car-on-the-way-to-work stuff played by adorable boys all of whom are under 25. I like ’em. And apparently, you do too because Thursday’s show with Freelance Whales and Arkells at the El Rey is sold out. Fear not, though because we can hook you up. Oh yes, I’ve got a pair for some lucky (randomly selected) Blogging LA reader. Just leave a comment below beseaching me and I’ll pick one of y’all randomly because you know it’s been too long since you’ve been to a show chock-a-block full of scruffy tattooed boys in skinny jeans.

Just look at these guys. How Canadian! How cute!

HARD LA Cancelled

In a confusing turn of events, HARD LA which was scheduled for July 17th has been cancelled. Initial reports were that is was being cancelled for “security concerns” which is generally vague code for “we didn’t sell enough tickets and need to cut our losses” but has now been changed to “postponement and magnification.” Basically the released statement is that the event is getting moved back to August when it will be bigger and better (yet no word if the bands booked for the July 17th version will still be on board) and at the same venue. Anyone who purchased tickets for the July 17th event will automatically get into the August version, and not to leave people totally stranded, DIE ANTWOORD will be playing on July 17th at the El Rey with a few of the other previously-booked-for-Hard-LA-acts, but tickets for that are being sold independently. Does this make sense to you yet? All I know is that I still won’t be in LA on the 17th which means I’m still going to miss Die Antwoord which means I’m still bummed.