New Year’s Eve Party Spots On The Cheap

Downtown blog Angelenic has posted a great list of places in L.A. to count down the final minutes of 2008, with people you may or may not know. Let’s face it, sometimes the latter is better. And since we’re in the throes of a Depression, these parties are all on the cheap, and all conveniently located within stumbling distance of a Metro Rail station. 24 hours of designated driver fun.

Check out Angelenic’s 12 Downtown NYE options under $50 here.

Happy New Year!

Old Bank District Holiday Party with The Like, Whispertown 2000, Rumspringa, and Your Friend Beer

As if Saturday wasn’t going to be batshit crazy already (sorry, Santacon‘s sleigh passes are sold out), the Old Bank District is partnering with Little Radio for their annual holiday event, which’ll have a beer garden & cocktail bar, a holiday light installation, an art and gift bazaar, tasty specials at the local restaurants and live indie bands curated by the geniuses behind Little Radio, plus a live jazz band in Harlem Place Alley next to Lost Souls Cafe.

Blogdowntown scooped this info first thing but I thought I’d republish it here in case anyone doesn’t check BDT regularly (you should).

Downtown LA Comes Alive For Christmas & Drinkers

A Christmas tree light show at LA Live, the Grammy museum opening, and the return of Cole’s highlight the busy commencement of the holiday season in Los Angeles. And guess what? It’s all happening Downtown. Just in time to abuse Metro’s late night Red Line and DASH hours. Fill your Calendar app accordingly.


  • Ice Skating in Pershing Square with daily concerts. What, no outdoor movies this year? At least you have an excuse to wear that Old Navy scarf of yours in 80-degree weather without looking like a total Hollywood jackass.


  • ESPN Zone opens at LA Live. There is no local NFL team to cheer on to the playoffs, and the BCS Champion, the Super Bowl Champion, and the Gold Medal Curling Team of the 2010 Winter Olympics have already been decided by HAL 9000. But you can still watch the events as they happen on a bunch of big TV screens.

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Downtown Comedy Walk tonight!!!

In addition to the art walk downtown tonight nothing else that’s going on downtown tonight, the arts district historic core is having a “Downtown Comedy Walk to Solve Middle East Problems”–an evening of 15 comedians straight from major comedy clubs, television and radio plus an Oscar winning short film. All free! And all at the beautiful Los Angeles movie palace!

Our pal Brady Westwater, unofficial mayor of all things cool in Downtown, says this: “The evening starts at 8pm with a screening of the West Bank Story, a Oscar-winning and seriously FUNNY musical comedy short film about two warring falafel stands on the West Bank. A Q&A with actor Joey Naber who stars as Ahmed follows. This along is worth the price of admission which is – of course – FREE!

Then there is the comedy show from 8:30pm to 10pm featuring American, Iranian and Israeli stand-up comedians who will collectively solve all the problems of the Middle East – in just one evening!. And you get your money back if you’re not satisfied!

Parking is only block away at Pershing Square – $6.60 after 5 PM – or at local garages for $5 or $6 but make certain your garage stays open past 10:30 PM! 5th and Hill Subway stop is also only one block away.”

Get all the info here: I for one am very glad someone is finally doing something about that annoying Middle East problem.

hat tip to frazgo & Brady “Awesome” Westwater for this info.

Come nosh with us, early evening on Saturday!

That’s right–it’s LA Metblogs’ first “Classic Eats” evening this Saturday. We’re doing it a little early because (1) we figure you might have plans for later that night and (2) Clifton’s Cafeteria closes early.

I’m attempting to make some silly bingo games in time for the get-together and I’m planning on raffling off a day of guest blogging on LA Metblogs (raffle tix are free for all attendees, I ain’t tryin’ to raise money).

We’ll meet up at Clifton’s at 5:30pm for “slightly depressing kitsch” (as stated on Chowhound), because there’s no kitsch like slightly depressing kitsch. Really, I just want to eat cubed jello out of those thick bakelite cafeteria bowls under the watchful gaze of fake deer. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Clifton’s, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Around 6:30 or 7 we’ll wander, stuffed with meatloaf and lemon meringue pie, over to the Bonaventure Hotel to enjoy after-dinner cocktails at their 360-degree rotating rooftop lounge, the BonaVista.

While we plan to create some sort of prepaid meal package for these events in the future, we’re goin’ lo-fi for our first event and you enjoy the privelege of purchasing your very own food (we ain’t gettin’ rich offa blogging)! So exciting!

Here’s our invite and Julia’s original post on the whole shebang.

Downtown Blogger Vows to Never Live Downtown Again

Lindsay works for the Los Angeles Times. She lives in Downtown Los Angeles. Her blog is called Downtown L.A. (is Looking Up).

And she doesn’t want to live there anymore.

Yesterday, in the early evening, I saw a man hunched over facing the building *I live in* smoking crack. I turned the corner and passed the security guard to go back upstairs to our loft world.

Around 5:30pm one day last week, I made eye contact with a man urinating on my street.

Is Downtown Los Angeles having a nasty relapse? Discuss.

Photo from mattlogelin’s photostream

Win tix to the Detour Fest!

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Get this: Full sets from the Mars Volta and Gogol Bordello, plus festival sets from Shiny Toy Guns, Datarock, The Submarines, The Mae Shi, Japanese Motors, We Are Wolves, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Matt Costa, Cut Copy, Black Lips, Hercules & Love Affair, Grand Ole Party, Bitter:Sweet, Adam Freeland, Bloody Beetroots, Surkin, Para One, Peanut Butter Wolf, Nico Vega, Afternoons, Noah and the Whale, Mugison, donMoy, DJ Kid Lightning, Paparazzi and AC Means. All downtown, at 1st St. & Main, in the shadow of City Hall, on October 4. We’ve got some free tix & grand prizes to give away. Grand prize winner gets a 3-d poster (above left) and a Gogol CD.

How to win?

Post a link to your favorite image of Los Angeles in the comments below, or if you can manage it post the image itself (with a hat tip to whoever took or made the photo or image, of course). Explain a little about it if you want. We’ll randomly select a few winners in a day or two. Thanks!

Downtown L.A. Needs A Historic Streetcar

The biggest mistake Los Angeles can make in the Bringing Back Broadway initiative is the use of a modern streetcar in lieu of a historic trolley.

In recent months, meetings have been held to talk about where a new streetcar line would go in Downtown L.A., how it would integrate into the current transit system, and what it may look like. Eric Richardson of Blogdowntown has been covering the project, including a recent field trip to Portland, and now, to San Diego to study the success of similar projects in other cities. BDT even ran an in-depth look at the advantages of using a modern streetcar design for Bringing Back Broadway.

While the very notion of a new streetcar line in Downtown Los Angeles should excite all of us, L.A. would be missing a monumental opportunity by installing a modern streetcar line that pays no homage to our fair city’s past.

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My First Time: Philippe’s

phillipes1.jpgYesterday, in my further adventures downtown, I went to Philippe’s (100 years old!) for the first time in my 22 years of living in Los Angeles. And after all I heard and read, it did not disappoint! I went with the same friend who accompanied me to Clifton’s Cafeteria not too long ago. For lunch we shared a beef sandwich and a turkey sandwich. She had potato salad, I opted for mac salad and we shared peach pie. My bill came to $7.70 (with iced tea and the 9¢ coffee) — what a deal! (I did also leave a $2 tip.) It’s a phenomenal deal all the way around as they even have free parking.

More photos and stories on my downtown Philippe’s adventure after the jump.

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