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“Biggest Geek Ever”: Banned from Chateau Marmont for Tweeting

Apparently, Chateau Marmont would like to keep its hallowed grounds Twitter-free out of respect, I assume, for the privacy of their guests who often do insane things.  Jenn Hoffman found out the hard way: she was having a perfectly normal dinner, “there’s a few different celebrities there, no big deal.”  (Aside: That is your LA moment, right there.).  She catches Rachel Hunter engaging in all sorts of crazy, tweets about it, and then, when trying to make another reservation recently, discovers she’s been banned for tweeting about the incident.

Whether there’s an unsaid rule against tweeting and whatnot, I don’t know, because I’ve never been to the Chateau – my LA moments involve being stuck in traffic – but what say you?  How do you even enforce a rule like that?  If celebrities and marginally famous people and not-famous people can’t have a Twitter-free moment at the Chateau, where will they go?  Shouldn’t people over the age of 10 try to act not-crazy in public places anyway, because Twitter or not, they will be judged and ridiculed and that’s really the price you pay for acting like so in front of others?  So many ethical questions.