New Hands-Free Law Does Not Apply To The Valley

cellphone.jpgRemember that law that you couldn’t talk and drive unless you had a hands-free device? Went into effect way back in 2008? I just learned today that it was never adopted by the cities of the San Fernando Valley.

Here, you can talk and drive and talk and text and talk and turn and drive all you want. Especially if you’re pulling a converted U-Haul trailer full of landscaping equipment. Or if you’re a just bad driver that isn’t quite sure where the hell she’s going anyway. Turn left here? No, wait.. I think I turn right up there.. Or, maybe I’ll just continue weaving between two lanes until my destination finds me.

I consider myself blessed to have witnessed both of the aforementioned examples of the non-existent cell phone law within the span of one hour. It’s further proof that laws that apply to Los Angeles do not quite make it over the hill. Just like you Westsiders.

Photo From the L.A. Times of What Appears to Be a Valley Girl, Doing Valley Girl Things