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More On The Battlestar Galactica Auction: Cast & Crew Panels

Cylon Centurion by Jodi

I’m still in a state of mourning that Battlestar Galactica has ended as a series. Like many others, I watched the show reluctantly at first. It didn’t take long to get hooked, which made it even harder to say good-bye. Luckily for fans, there have been some events recently that allow the show to go on. Damn, it’s good to live in L.A.

Queequeg gave us a good look at the Battlestar Galactica props and costumes that were up for auction last weekend in Pasadena. The first sell-off this past January was awesome too, but of course it couldn’t feature any items from the last several episodes. This time I didn’t make it over to the convention center early enough on Preview Day to peruse as many items as before (or sit in a viper! How did Queequeg get so lucky?). However, I was able get there in time for a couple of entertaining and informative panels, one with some members of the cast and the other with various crew members. Personally, I could have listened to all of their stories for several more hours.

First up, we were treated to fun with four cast members. They recounted their time on the show, which was fun, challenging, and emotional. It was obvious that they all cherish their Battlestar Galactica experience.

Grace Park (Sharon/Boomer/Etc.), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh), Michael Trucco (Sam Anders), Luciana Carro (Kat)

Continue on after the jump for more on the panels, including a video of Michael Trucco, and an announcement about a cool BSG event happening in L.A. this summer.

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