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Modern Decay: Redondo Beach Car Wash

I’m back in Hollywood at last. My new temporary digs are on Las Palmas, a stone’s throw and ten months away from the Oscars. Runyon Canyon is still only an easy walk away from here, and the button-cute Cafe Audrey is just down the street.

But before I set about Hollywood-blogging I still had something I wanted to point out about Redondo Beach. I crashed with a friend there for three or four weeks and I was struck by the clean, salty, beach-white prettiness of the place. And then, right in the middle of all of this sparkling architecture is the Redondo Beach Car Wash:

Redondo Beach Car Wash

I find the decay of modern architecture fascinating, especially when it’s so glaringly out of place as this thing is. I found a break in the wall and climbed in to take some photographs, some of which you can find after the jump:

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