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Canter’s: The Famous Jeanie

Jean and Mel

At the back of Canter’s, on the far left side, there is a wall of photos with stars, personalities, regular customers, family and friends. This is one of those pictures (Taken by Kev-O). That’s Jeanie with Mel Brooks.

Jeanie has worked here for 54 years.

I’ll give you a minute to comprehend that.

54 years.

(Quick interruption here: it is now 7:19 and there are 3 patrons, not including me.)

Jeanie moved here with her husband and kids from Chicago a long time back. Her parents had already moved out here and they lived on Robertson and Cadillac which she called “West LA.” She had two babies at the time and needed to work so she started at Canter’s. Her husband (who passed away 13 years ago) had been a taxi driver in Chicago but got a job as a mail man here on LA. Both her kids and grandkids live in other states now.

Jeanie says the secret to her success is that she’s very friendly. “It takes a lot to make me angry.” She’s built quite a following and loves to kibitz around with her customers. She’s become good friends with many people you may have heard of, Michael Mann and Shotgun Kelly, as a couple of for-examples.

Her birthday was last Thursday and she worked on Wednesday night, which is when Shotgun (she calls him Shotgun) usually comes in. The Canter’s family got a big cake for her and Shotgun got up, grabbed a ketchup bottle and serenaded her with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

Everybody loves Jeanie. She’s famous and she says that everything she’s done, tv shows, documentaries, movies, newspaper and magazine articles, it’s all because she’s been here at Canter’s.

I hope some day I can say I’ve done something I love for 54 years.

If you want to meet Jeanie, she’ll be here until about 1pm today. We’ll be here until noon, blogging and collecting canned food and cash for the LA Foodbank.

Canter’s at 6 AM

Good Morning! Driving to Canter’s from West LA is a dream at 5:30 am on a Sunday. I counted 10 cars eastbound on the 10 from Overland to Fairfax. It was like driving in a dystopian future, but with bagels and coffee waiting for me.

Kev-O and RobNoxious are still here, picking at a bag of chocolate rugelah while the staff cleans up around us. There is one older couple having breakfast though another younger couple was just finishing up as I got here. Otherwise, it is quiet as a church. Or temple, as the case may be.

I’ve met Jeanie, the famous Jeanie, but more about her in a bit.

Kev-O and RobNoxious have made their good-byes as I’ve sat here typing. The place is “filling” up. Okay, okay, there are six people here now, not just two. More importantly, I have to decide what to eat for breakfast.

Canter’s Blog-A-Thon: Kevin’s In The House!

The switch over is happening now. Kevin’s in the house. He and Rob Noxious have decided to wear the same uniform, though luckily they chose to wear different shirts.

Kevin has UPPED THE ANTE and ordered the Monte Cristo. I’ll let him post those pictures…I don’t want to steal his thunder.

Music has started in the Kitbitz Room and will be there until 2am. It’s not crowded now, so come in, get some awesome salted meat sandwiches and pie and settle in.

Canter’s Blog-A-Thon: The Classic Eats!

JozJozJoz stopped by again for one last adios before going home for the night! Nice surprise to see her today. Hopefully I’ll see her again tomorrow as she heads to work. (She promised to stop by again!)

Dinner for me consisted of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn (“The vegetable”) and a nice cold bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. More yum.

Then there was pie. Lots and lots of pie. Kurt had the blueberry a la mode and Lynn had cherry a ala mode.

To see the meatloaf and pie porn, please click past the jump!

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Canter’s Gang

We are perched at the end of the counter, look for the big LA Foodbank donation box (which is getting pretty full, thank you all, I think we are well on the way to 200 pounds of canned food.)

We had a rowdy time with Fraz and Ruth and Travis and Lynn and Greg and his kids. Lynn is lingering over pie (post to come) and Al (long time reader, first time joiner) and Kurt my husband just wolfed down a slice of blueberry pie al a mode. YUM! Daniel our is still giving us shit and we love him for it. He’s only here until 10 though.

The place is really filling up, both in the main room (the old school room with the acid trip ceiling) and the bigger, newer dining room. A young couple right here next to me said they live out in San Bernadino and San Gabriel and go to school at UC Riverside.

–OOH! Rob Noxious just got here! Woot!

Back to the young couple — it’s her first time at Canter’s and his 5th time. They LOVE the food and she thinks the onion rings are the best ever!

That’s why we are here, people. Come on over!

The gerbils are running as fast as they can

So you may have heard that our connection is slow. We’re not just talking slow; we’re talking sloooooowwwwww. Add that to Ruth666’s password debacle and this is the conversation that just took place behind me.

Ruth666: Are you in?

Frazgo: I’m in.

Ruth666: Ooh, I’m in too. We’re both in at once?

Me: Excuse me? And you’re getting in trouble for posting about pickles?

Calling God at Canters

once upon a time people plugged in their phones

One thing you may not know about Canter’s is that there are phone jacks in the dividers between the booths. I have it on authority that if you bring in a phone and plug it in, you actually can connect directly to god.

I suspect the god in question is Jehovah not the Prince of Peace. Though Daniel tells me that at 3am, no one much cares. They’ll take a god, any god will do.

I’m thinking maybe we’ll have to have a talk with the big guy about the future of Metblogs. He may not be the right god for a Hail Mary, but he can probably pull some strings.

Lox and Eggs and Blogs

Alex is passing the baton. I have arrived. I am surrounded by Metbloggers (Joz, Fraz, Alex, and Ruth666) and Susan, a Classic Eats stalwart.

I have my lox and eggs and onions, as you see here. I was a bit sad I couldn’t have a side of fruit, but Daniel, our server, reminded me that tomatoes are, in fact, a fruit.

Ruth brought a passel of canned goods, but I await the flood from you, our readers. Come donate. We await your arrival.