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How to Buy Less and Share More

April 6, 2010 in environment, Shopping

Need a ladder for a one-time project but don’t want to buy one? Out of town and want to borrow a bike for the weekend? Do you have a garage or attic full of stuff that you only use once a year? If so, NeighborGoods can help.

NeighborGoods is an innovative place where you can save and earn money just by sharing stuff with your friends. You can choose to share your stuff only with people you know, or you can expand your network and rent your lawnmower to a stranger, you decide. You can also post an alert to your NeighborGoods community when you need something.

If you’re still not sure exactly how it works, check out the short video below that explains how NeighborGoods can make your life a lot easier and a lot less cluttered. Oh, and you just might save the world too.

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Sign up for NeighborGoods and start sharing now! Visit for more information.