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Adopt this Bitch!

This sweet pupster was taken in by a foster family a while back, but now they’re moving & can’t keep her. Emily has been a busy dog, clearly advanced in years & bearing the marks of much puppy-rearing. She’s sweet as pie and mellow and good-natured–she just needs a loving home. I’ve been following her progress over the months and I really hope she finds a new home. The poor thing has been bounced around enough.

Can you help? Go here and follow the directions at the bottom of the post. Or if you can’t take her in, maybe you can pass this on.

Emily is being placed by the Bill Foundation, a center that works to adopt out dogs to good homes.

Hat tip to the Slackmistress for this post.

Get Along Little Doggies

This city has taught me many things, including how to love dogs. Many years ago, when I was a kid in a faraway place, dogs just snarled and barked at me from behind fences and I was terrified of them. Since I was just a kid I didn’t understand that this said less about the nature of dogs than it said about the people I lived around.

My first apartment in LA came with a free dog, a pit bull mix who had been rescued by a former tenant and then taken in by the girls I was living with. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to help me get over my fear and together we walked, we ran and we played with other dogs until I was a dog person. When one of the girls moved and took the dog with her I was heartbroken.

A few years later I got married and in the deal I got a dog; another pit bull, rescued and adopted by my wife after it had been dumped, while very pregnant, on the streets of Riverside.

Needless to say I’m a big believer in animal rescue today I went down to The Bill Foundation Dog Adoption Fair; my wife has been helping them find homes for dogs so I wanted to help out too.

More on dogs and the Bill Foundation after the jump including wiener dog puppies.

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