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The LA Movie is 10 Years Old

Great films just seem to appear.  As if the sculptors of culture just removed everything that wasn’t supposed to be in the movie and the work always was and always will be cemented in our collective soul.

The Big Lebowski is one of those films.

It’s hard to imagine another film capturing so many disparate elements of Los Angeles’s character into one coherent form.  The laid back people, the rich folks, the pornographers, the showbiz aspirants, the fanboys, the hippies, the fascist cops, the weird artists.  They are all in there.

I love it so much.  The details (look at the toilet seat cover), the people (Walter!), the places, and the writing.

The writing is so brilliant.  It works on the surface, watch-it-one-time level, but repeated viewings reveal the subtle layers of recursive dialog.

The movie is such a classic that my business partner has devised the Lebowski test — if a potential love interest doesn’t like the film, just walk away.

Thanks to WelcomeToLa for the reminder.