NOW: Live Poetry by LA’s most interesting poets

I *just* found this out! You still have a few hours to tune in–it goes until 5p:


Mindy Nettifee
Mindy Nettifee

Live from The Clamshell [apparently a converted garage in a mystery location here in LA!], Sunday, April 26, Noon to 5p

A live webcast of some of SoCal’s strongest poets, performing in an intimate (secret) venue. Hosted by G. Murray Thomas and Eric Morago, this will be an entertaining and enlightening session of spoken word. The featured performers will include:

R.D. “Raindog” Armstrong, founder and publisher of Lummox Press. His latest book is Fire and Rain.
James Bolt SoCal performance poet extraordinaire.
Mona Jean Cedar combines poetry, dance and ASL until a unique performance style.
Commoners & Kings (Jason O’Neal, Anthony Sims, and Dragonfly Jon): “We’re all common men striving to be kings, but when we get to be kings don’t forget to be common men.”
Scott Huestis, from Gizmo and Building 7,will be accompanying some of the poets on guitar.

Rob "Ratpack Slim" Sturma & friend
Rob "Ratpack Slim" Sturma & friend

A rare SoCal appearance by Lob, head of the Instagon Foundation. Poet, musician, artist, all-around creative master.
Eric Morago: A poet who blends page and performance, passion and humor, featured all around Southern California.
Mindy Nettifee, Long Beach’s poetry queen, author of Sleepyhead Assassins.
Gill S.O.T.U. “He be to soul what key be to lock.”
Rob “Ratpack Slim” Sturma, long-time host of Green and author of You Sensitive Bastard.
G. Murray Thomas, performance poet, former editor of Next…, author of Cows on the Freeway.
…and many more to be announced!

Photographer Shawn Mortensen, RIP

I know I promised a post on My Bloody Valentine’s concert last night, but I just received word that Shawn Mortensen, the photographer responsible for some of the most iconic images of the 1990’s, has died.

The details are uncertain as of yet, but it is confirmed that Mortensen has passed on. Sources close to him say that a memorial service will be held soon.

Mortensen was an instigator and a scribe of the 90’s art, culture, and music movements. He photographed Snoop Dogg, when the gangsta rapper was only 19. He cataloged the Zapatista uprising, and introduced Rage Against the Machine to their struggle. He watched AIDS decimate the artist populations of NYC and LA.

In 2007, I met Mortensen. We chatted about his life and place at the epicenter of 90’s art and music. He was supposed to write an article for LA’s Flaunt magazine, where I worked at the time, about his life, but instead of an article, he gave me a 22 page stream of consciousness, impressionist brushstoke of his experiences. .. Continue reading “Photographer Shawn Mortensen, RIP”

How the hell did I miss Postopolis! LA: Bloggers, Media, Arts & Design Converge

In Downtown Los Angeles for the remainder of this week, at the Standard, the rest of Postopolis! will be going down–an event I probably heard about six weeks ago & promptly forgot or overlooked–criminally so. This event is hella more interesting than this short descriptive quote would seem to infer: “A live 5-day blogathon of back-to-back discussions, interviews, panel talks, slideshows, films and parties with scheduled and unscheduled guests, themed around landscape and the built environment.” Baroo?densityfieldsmaterialsandapplications

Let me explain. Last night I missed Fritz Haeg, whose Edible Estates replaces front yards–the classic American symbol–with fruit & veggie gardens (and who’s now transferring that idea into the animal realm with Animal Estates–very cool). Dwayne Oyler of OylerWu stopped by–they’re responsible for “Density Fields” at Materials & Applications in Silver Lake (pictured). I also missed Michael Dear, a professor of geography at USC, whose research delves into urbanism in LA, its proximity to Mexico, and homelessness in the city.

The good news: it goes on for four more days. Don’t miss the peeps behind the Fallen Fruit Collective, Mike The Poet, folks from curbedLA, GOOD Magazine & DWELL Magazine, and more. Stop in for a full day, or just for one talk. Full schedule behind le jump.

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Create:Fixate Drops Some Wisdom

This Saturday (3/7,) Create:Fixate is hosting its first event of 2009, “Wisdom Within Us.”

Click to magically magnify.
Click to magically magnify.

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m an art neophyte. I couldn’t tell you what qualifies as “good.” I just know what I like when I see it. This event seems tailor made for me, because it features a lot of different artists working in various mediums (ie. lots of variety for a guy like me to enjoy.)

I say “event” because this isn’t going to be just an art show.  Oh, there will be art in the traditional sense – painting, photography, sculpture, installations – but there’s more. A lot more.

Follow me past the jump to find out just how much more, and how you can join me for the fun (and, you know, culture and stuff.)

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Another brilliant Thomas Kuntz creation

You’ve heard the one about the ten-inch pianist? Well check out the twelve-inch alchemist!

Made by one of LA’s most mind-blowing artists, this is just the latest video of Thomas’s unbelievable work. Stay til the end to see Thomas operating the machine and marvel at how tiny it is to have such incredible detail.

I don’t know how to embed the video, so you’re going to have to dig around in his YouTube stuff because you won’t believe what you’re seeing.

Los Angeles Magazine Cover Makes Time’s Top 10 for ’08

coverLamag0908_p.jpgAs an Angeleno and huge fan of designer and illustrator Marian Bantjes (who is, unfortunately, Canadian), I’m thrilled to see that her beautifully hand drawn cover for the September 2008 issue of Los Angeles magazine was number eight on Time magazine’s list of Top 10 Magazine Covers in 2008. Bantjes is currently bouncing around CA in preparation for the opening of her gallery show at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. You can catch her in Los Angeles tomorrow night:

Art Center College of Design
Hillside Campus
Ahmanson Auditorium
Tuesday, Jan 13

Brewery Artwalk This Saturday and Sunday

Perhaps lost amongst the Halloween hoopla (at least to me) was the news that this weekend brings us the second of the semi-annual Brewery Artwalks:

The Brewery Art Walk is a twice annual open studio weekend at the worlds largest art colony. Each artwalk, over 100 resident artists participate. During this event, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artworks directly from the artists at studio prices.

Admission is free. Barbara’s at the Brewery, one of my favorite spots in LA, is always on hand grilling up food and slinging beer. It’s a guaranteed good bet for nursing your Halloween hangover.

2008 Brewery Artwalk & i-5 Gallery Show
November 1st and 2nd
11:00 am – 6:00 pm

East Valley Health Center new clinic opening reception 10/22

Call to artists to help fill the clinic walls with art.

Invite does get bigger with a click
Invite does get bigger with a click

  East Valley Community Health Center (EVCHC) is having a grand opening celebration for their new clinic.  There will be several speakers and local dignitaries present.  Of course there will be refreshments.   All of  the RSVP details are after the jump.  Scheduled speakers are Congresswoman Hilda L Solis (32nd Dist of CA), County Supervisors Michael D Antonovich an Gloria Molina.
Mila Arroyo of the EVCHC showed up a recent MAFA meeting.  It isn’t uncommon for people to show up asking us for help.  This visit touched me.  EVCHC is a non-profit that managed to build a huge new clinic to serve the poorest of the poor in the San Gabriel Valley.   The last bit they needed help with was to bring cheer to the building and their patients.  She came to MAFA asking if the artists would be willing to help by lending or donating art to them. 

I was in.  Mila didn’t have to sell me with the healing power of art and a happy environment is better than sterile beige walls.  They needed the help and that was enough.  I donated the art as I understand how hard it is to keep walls full with loaned pieces.

East Valley needs artists to help them out where they can.  Personally I know there are many artists out there who have a piece or two sitting in storage somewhere waiting for their next show.  Rather than having it collect dust it can be brought out, shared and brighten up EVCHC’s halls and lobby.  The art can be loaned or donated.  If you donate the EVCHC will give you a letter at your stated value for your taxes next year. Continue reading “East Valley Health Center new clinic opening reception 10/22”

“Art That Haunts You” free reception Saturday 10/18


"Arched Hallway" gets bigger with a click
"Arched Walkway" gets bigger with a click

The Route 66 Gallery is holding true to its promise of new themed shows opening every 6 weeks.  The theme this time around is “Art That Haunts You”.  It is unjuried and open to the artist’s own interpretation of what is haunting.  There will be approximately a dozen artists showing 36 pieces that they believe fit the theme.


The reception will be held in the Route 66 Gallery in Monrovia’s Historic Aztec Hotel.  It will feature your basic munchies and wine. Of course the best part is this is all FREE!  If you desire stronger drinks feel free to walk across the lobby of the hotel to the Brass Elephant Bar to purchase something stronger.  

The image “Arched Walkway” is one of the pieces I will have in the show (yes, this is a little self-promotion).  It is a High Dynamic Range image that was generated with the use of the Photomatix HDR and tone-mapping programs.

Details: Saturday 10/18 5PM-9PM.  311 W Foothill Blvd, Monrovia CA 91016.  MAP LINK HERE

It’s MAFA, not MoFo, Silly!

Check it out – Featured Artist: FRANK ZGONC!

You may not know it, but that’s our very own Frazgo – too shy to toot his own horn, but me? I’m all about shameless promotion, so here’s the dirt on the 45th Annual MOFO MAFACelebrate the Arts” festival, hosted by the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts.

This year’s event is October 11 & 12 in the Monrovia Community Center, 10AM to 6PM daily, and features the work of 65 artists representing various media, with a focus on oil, acrylic and water color painting. Additionally there will be limited numbers of photographers, digital artists and jewelry artists.

Besides honoring Fraz, this year’s Celebrate the Arts is having a casual dress opening night reception in the Community Center from 7-9PM. A tax deductible donation of $25 per person gets you music, hors d’oeuvres and hosted wine bar (don’t forget to tip the volunteer bartenders).

Monrovia Community Center
119 West Palm Avenue
Monrovia CA 91016
Map link HERE.

Wanna know more?
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10/10 Gallery opening in LA County’s Kenneth Hahn Hall

I have to admit I am totally loving the trend of public buildings turning their blank walls into gallery’s.  It brings life to otherwise drab bureaucratic edifices.  It gives artists a chance to share their view of the world with others.  

LA County’s Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration is turning a portion of its 3rd floor into a gallery.  The first installation takes place on 10/10 and will be open to the public for viewing at 9AM.  The idea came about when Stephen Coleman asked the county if he could start up a gallery there.  The answer was yes, and from there many people in the LA County offices put things in motion to make it happen.

The first exhibit will include images from Stephen’s portfolio of LA Metro and County landscapes and neighborhoods.  The flier he sent me is included here and does get bigger with a click to give you an even better idea as to the variety of images of LA he has to share.

DETAILS: 9AM October 10. 2008.

 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 3rd floor, 500 W Temple Street, Los Angeles 90012.  

Google map HERE.

Saturday: Riding with Mary

Chris Haston's Riding With Mary
Riding With Mary invite

Looking for something to do Saturday night? For once I have something Family Friendly to recommend!

My pal Chris Haston is showing some of his amazing photos at Smooth n’ Purdy at the Complex. Not that Chris needs me to plug the event – as the official NBC photographer for I don’t know how many years, this thing should be packed to the gills with celebs and bigwigs, plus a lot of photographers and the like. Which means it should be A Great Time.

Is this a link to the evite? Who can know – evites are the freaking devil.

But the show is going to be great – Chris is an amazing photographer and this is a really great project.

Show up, and get classy already!

Saturday, Sept. 27th, 2008
7 to 11PM
3015 Glendale Blvd. Suite 300
(just before Glendale and Hyperion split)
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Art and more Art with receptions in Glendale Saturday and Sunday.

Free Mass Transit and Art Collide in Glendale This weekend.

I found out from a few artist friends of mine that this weekend is going to be a good one for Art in Glendale.  Glendale Parks and Recreation with the Glendale Art and Culture Commission joined forces with several Galleries and they will have a giant Open Studio Tour of local art and artists. 

Saturday 9/13/08 from 3-5PM is the opening Artists Reception at the Brand Library.  It is Free.  The exhibit at the Brand will include one piece from all of the participating artists showing in the city wide Open Studio Tour.  That exhibit will run 9/9-9/19.

Sunday 9/14 Is the city wide Open Studio Tour runs from Noon to 6PM.  The added bonus is if you prefer to use public transit you can use Metrolink to get you to the Glendale Transportation Center.  From there you can catch either Metro or City buses to get you to the Brand Library or Downtown Glendale.  Once at the Brand or the Alex Theatre in the heart of Glendale’s old downtown you can catch FREE Beeline buses set up to take you to a variety of designated stops on the Open Studio Tour routes.  Of course you can use your own car if you don’t mind some traffic and set up your own route. 

For the complete list of artists and studios you can view: Open Studio Tour Complete List

For the complete list of artists and studios on the Free Beeline Route you can view: Open Studio Tour Beeline List

LA Center for Digital Art annouces cattle call for un-juried Show

Without a doubt one of my most favorite Galleries in the Downtown LA Art district is the LA Center for Digital Art (LACDA).  Their juried shows are always pretty terrific but my favorite show is always the “Snap to Grid”. 

Snap to Grid is an un-juried, take all submissions show.  All of the images are printed by them on good old 8 1/2 X 11 matte paper and assembled in a grid.  Simple presentation of some pretty magnificent art is what you get in the deal.  I like it as I always walk away amazed by startling images and with new ideas of things I want to try myself.

LACDA sent the announcement over the weekend that they have opened the doors for submissions for this years installment of “Snap to Grid”.  They may take all comers but there is a fee of $30 for each jpeg file you  submit.  The images do need to be created with digital art or digital cameras.  Full details on the rules and step by step instructions at the Submissions Link.  The deadline to submit entries is September 30, 2008. Now to decide which of my images from the various paths I have been exploring to submit…

The Snap to Grid show will run October 9 – November 1, 2008.  The opening night reception will coincide with the Downtown LA Art Walk on October 9 and will run from 7-9PM.

An excerpt from their press release is after the jump.  The pic is by me with my trusty che-ez snap taken at the Snap to Grid show in 2006 and does get bigger with a click. Continue reading “LA Center for Digital Art annouces cattle call for un-juried Show”