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Mysterious Anonymous Benefactor Pays for 300 Los Angeles Animal Services Pet Adoptions


A press release just came across my desk notifying me that “A benefactor, wishing to remain anonymous, pledged to pay all adoption fees for 300 pets adopted between now and Christmas at any LA Animal Services Center.”

The anonymous donor stated, “I hope this offer will help empty the kennels and cages and gives these pets a real home for Christmas.”

The donor also had one request of those adopting a pet; that they write a letter to LA Animal Services explaining how adopting the pet changed their lives. I think that’s a small price to pay–and another gift, if you think about how meaningful it can often be to write letters enumerating the things for which you are grateful–for saving the life of an animal who will enrich your own life for years to come.

Full info & adoption locations from the Department of Animal Services is behind the jump. At a time when the government of the state is considering cutting costs in animal services, this is a priceless gift.

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Will Smith and Scientologists and Anonymous, Oh my!

As you may or may not have heard Will Smith is funding a school called the New Village Leadership Academy which has ties to Scientology. How deep those ties are is the subject of much debate, but the school is definitely using some very controversial Scientology developed teaching methods like Study Tech. Given this bit of information you can imagine that Anonymous has taken note. The interesting bit is that the school was anticipating them.

Basically what happened is the school posted a false grand opening date on their website, expecting protesters to show up, which they did. In what has become typical fashion representatives from Scientology were on hand to film the protesters and try to get personal information about them. What isn’t typical at all is that some of the people at the school who were ill informed about Scientology and Study Tech took interest in the protesters and invited them in for further discussions. And that’s where things get really interesting.

I was curious how this all went down. Did anonymous wear their masks throughout all of the conversations? How did the school representatives react upon hearing their arguments? I asked, and Anonymous answered. After the jump is a first hand account of the protest and discussion by Anonymous member Blvd Nights who was on hand for all of the festivities and conversations.

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