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Baudrillard and Disneyland

On the Inability of a  French Post-Modernist to Enjoy the Magic Kingdom

Micky Mouse by Ralph Steadman

At least once every 365 days, I take some time out of my life to visit Disneyland. This week, I journeyed back into Magic Kingdom to exploit the fruits of a free birthday pass (I turned 14), and titillate my insatiable addiction to churro smell (not taste). So, while wandering around the all-too-real reality of Disneyland’s stroller-pushing, teenaged mothers and churro-eating masses, I, of course, remembered the words of my, and undoubtedly your, favorite postmoderist, poststructuralist Frenchie philosopher, Jean Baudrillard:

Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, when in fact all of Los Angeles and the America surrounding it are no longer real, but of the order of the hyperreal and of simulation.

The late Baudrillard apparently had a complicated time at D-Land–he even calls the parking lot a concentration camp– but he penned this (perhaps pretentiously) hilarious treatise on the why Disneyland is, like, soooo PoMo. I’ve posted the short excerpt from Simulacra and Simulations after the jump. If only Baudrillard was able to experience fully the Russian doll, So-Cal microcosm of California Adventure…

Put this in your pipe and smoke it…

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BREAKING: Yankees Sign Everybody

The New York Yankees followed up today’s $180-million signing of Anaheim’s Mark Teixeira by adding all of the other players from all of the other teams in the country. The 2009 season will now feature an intra-squad schedule of Yankees vs. Yankees, with all home and away games to be held in the new Yankee Stadium.

Immediately following this announcement, all official Major League Baseball retailers announced plans to sell only Yankees-related merchandise, including an immediate 300% price inflation to pay for stadium construction and player salaries.

Happy Holidays.

UPDATE 2:01pm: The Yankees have just sent a request to Congress for a bailout package in the amount of $970-million.