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Menu Mining: 5 Guys sure ain’t no In and Out…

5 Guys Burger and Fries
5 Guys Burger and Fries

The arrival of 5 Guys burger joint is beginning in the LA area.  The 5 Guys is a big deal back east and I don’t get the draw.  Are they that lacking in burger joints that this place really does that well?  I’m a bigger fan of the original Fat Burger and Tommy’s with the well seasoned and aged grills than even the famed In and Out Burger so when the chance to try one came up I did so this week.

So what to you get for your money?  A burger that is actually pretty decent, not quite an In and Out or the other locals I just enumerated, but decent enough.  They are pricey though.  For our family of 4…2 large burgers, 2 singles, large fries (which is big enough for all 4 to have left overs) and 3 drinks the tab came to $32 which is just a bit much for just a decent burger.  Let’s face it times are tough and the same meal from In and Out would have been around $20 and I can’t justify the difference in price by taste alone.

Anyone else tried them out?  What did you think?  Do the established locals like In and Out have anything to worry about?