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Pros and SantaCons

The Daniel, Courtenay, VerdElf & Cris at SantaCon (photo courtesy of Daniel Hengeveld)
The Daniel, Courtenay, VerdElf® & Cris at SantaCon (photo courtesy of Daniel Hengeveld)

When I first heard that the forecast called for heavy rain two Saturdays ago, I had serious doubts about participating in this year’s SantaCon. However, despite the imminent threat, I once again donned my VerdElf® suit and joined the red tide.  This was my third SantaCon in LA and by far my favorite, perhaps because more of my friends joined this year than in previous years, but I had so much fun that I was actually a bit sad when it was all over. Below are a few excerpts from my SantaCon journal. For a consolidated look at this year’s event, visit the official site here.

11:30 AM: Met Greg (a.k.a Thomas Refferson) at a bus stop in Silver Lake. We took the #4 bus to the Santa Monica/Vermont Red Line station, hopped the train to Union Station, then transferred to the Gold Line. Until we reached Union Station, we were the only two SantaCon revelers in sight. However, despite a few strange looks, we made it to the meeting point without ridicule or incident.

11:50 AM: As we made our way to the next boarding platform, we discovered our first small contingent of SantaCon attendees at Union Station. Immediately relieved to see our own kind, we all exchanged a few obligatory ho ho hos, dispensed with introductions, which goes something like, “Hi Santa, nice to meet you. This is Santa. Hi Santa,” then promptly headed off to our next stop, the Chinatown Metro Station.

12:00 PM: About 10 of us arrived at the Chinatown Metro Station, the official SantaCon meeting point. From high atop the train platform we could see only a few red and white suited people scattered about. I began to worry that the rain had drastically affected the turn out. However, a few moments later we spotted a thick procession of Santas heading our way. Cheer commences.

All Aboard! (photo courtesy of Cris Dobbins)
All Aboard! (photo courtesy of Cris Dobbins)

12:20 PM: Scores of Santas line up to buy Metro day passes and we are told by a shadowy figure to board the Gold Line train east to Mariachi Square.

12:50 PM: Santa somewhat aimlessly mills about Mariachi Square. There are ponies and a brief ceremony where awards for “Best Santa” are randomly doled out. The clouds part and the sun shines on us, if only for a moment. A female Santa vomits in a nearby trash can.

1:30 PM: The red tide returns to the Metro station, continuing east to Indiana and El Mercadito. Santa begins to get restless and thirsty.

1:45 PM: A sea of Santas descend on El Tarasco for dueling mariachi bands, food and much drink. A conga line ensues.

3:00 PM: A shadowy figure alerts Santa to pay his tab. As the red tide spills onto the street, we are assaulted by protesting clowns and bursts of poisonous silly string.

3:30 PM: The staff at Trax Bar in Union Station, while unprepared, handle the onslaught of thirsty Santas with ease. The clowns have followed us here. No one can be trusted. Continue reading Pros and SantaCons

Smell You Later

Scent Bar in West Hollywood
Scent Bar in West Hollywood

One of my favorite places to spend a leisurely afternoon in LA is surprisingly not in my precious Silver Lake, but across town in West Hollywood. When I have an afternoon to kill and need some time to myself, the Scent Bar on Beverly is like a little slice of heaven floating on a pastel tuft of cotton candy.

The Scent Bar is more than just a retail store hawking the usual perfumes. Here they encourage you to hang out as long as you like, sampling some of the most rare and exotic fragrances that you won’t likely find at the beauty counter in Nordstrom’s.  My favorites include: 10 Corso Como, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Comme des Garcons, and Costume National, but their selection is truly endless.

For the commitment phobic, you can buy sample sizes of most of their perfumes too, check them out online at luckyscent.com.

Scent Bar
8327 Beverly Blvd (map it)
Los Angeles, CA 90048

As the Year Winds Down to a Close

Yeah, big fan of the whole "Freedom of Spech" thing.
Who is this dashing RobNoxious fellow?

Time to let go of ’09 and get ready for a New Start.

2009 is almost finished, and while there have been some great things that have happened, been plenty to remember fondly and celebrate, there’s also been a good lot that I’m sure none of us will miss. Some things that we should just put behind us. Some stuff that makes us just want to put paid to ’09  and get on with the New Year. Bring on some 2010.

Like the fact that RobNoxious hasn’t posted on Metblogs at all this year!

I Know! A Whole Year! Longer, really. Horrible, isn’t it? Tragic, one might say.

Well, well, welly well, my Little Droogs, not to worry. And we need not wait until the calendar flips its page into the next Three Sixty Five for my return:
The Noxious One is back, Friends.

All of my old posts can be found here:

But to narrow things down a bit, I think you should know that:
I like it The Punk Rock,
I like Comic Books and Sci Fi,
I don’t like surruptitious throttling of my internet, tapping of my phone or threats to Net Neutality,
I like Amusement Parks,
I don’t like douche bags,
I love exploring our fine city,
and even enjoy the occasional bit of poetry.

Really, though, I’m just another Artist making his way in L.A., paying the bills at his work-a-day job. But y’know, sometimes the job can really be HELL. (for someone, anyway. heh.)

In any case, it’s really good to be back, and I look forward to venturing into the New Year with everyone.

Thanks guys,

Get Your Kicks While You Still Can

12/26 Will Be Kicks Last Day in Silver Lake
12/26 Will Be Kicks' Last Day in Silver Lake

Strolling by Kicks on the way home from work this evening I noticed a banner advertising a huge moving sale. I didn’t realize that the store is relocating so I stopped in to see what is up. Apparently, Kicks will be moving out of the neighborhood altogether to join forces with their other store located at 141 N. Larchmont. This is sad news indeed for Silver Lake, but happy news for your wallet! To prepare for the move they have slashed prices up to 70% off clothes, shoes and accessories. Their last day at the Silver Lake location will be December 26, so go on and get your kicks while you can still trot on over there from Intelligentsia, kiddies.

Kicks Sole Provider
3938 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

This Week’s Featured Metro Rider

metroriderA few weeks ago, I had the displeasure of riding the Metro across from a girl who was plucking her eyebrows. This week I found an even more offensive character who clearly has zero regard for his fellow passengers. Based on this debonair gentleman’s devil-may-care attitude, I assume that he somehow came under the mistaken presumption that the city bus is not a shared ride, but rather his own personal mode of transportation upon which he can do whatever he likes, such as kicking back, taking up several seats, putting his wet shoes on the seat (it was raining that day) and horking down an extremely pungent container of fried rice. This guy is a class act all the way. I can only imagine the lucky girl (or guy) who gets to come home to this every night.

Those of you who ride the Metro are surely familiar with the rules they announce over the PA on regular intervals – don’t place your feet on the seats, no eating, drinking or smoking allowed. In fact, for the latter three, you could apparently be fined up to $250, that is if there were Metro officials who actually enforced these rules. However, since I do not have the authority to fine individuals like this, nor do I think it’s a good idea to confront strangers on public transportation, I will do the one thing I am comfortable with. That is, mocking jerks like this in a public forum in the hopes of shaming people in general into being considerate. I’ll let you know how that all works out.

Noodles, Comics, Art and Free Wine

mignolaSecret Headquarters will have original artwork by Mike Mignola on display for one night only, Friday December 4th. That’s totally like tonight, man!

And since you’ll be rushing to get there after work and won’t have time for dinner, you’re in luck! Kwong Dynasty’s Noodle Fantasy will be serving up noodles in front of the store.

Secret Headquarters will also be offering a limited edition Mignola illustrated letterpress print made specifically for this show. The prints feature never before seen Hellboy artwork by Mike Mignola with color supervision by Dave Stewart. These 3 color letterpress prints have been beautifully made by Aardvark Letterpress of Los Angeles.

One Night Only
Friday, December 4
8 – 10pm

Complimentary wine provided by Bear Flag.

I Spy a Red Balloon

balloonThis is your chance to join an official DARPA Challenge Team and all you have to do is look to the sky this Saturday, December 5 and report back if you spy a red balloon!

To sign up, go to ispyaredballoon.com and you will be part of a team effort to win $40K that will be donated to charity, plus all the fame and attention that comes with that!

On Saturday, December 5th, 2009 at 10:00am EST, DARPA will launch ten 8-foot red weather balloons across the United States, held in place by a tether. The first team to submit the locations of all ten balloons will win $40,000! This contest is called the DARPA Network Challenge, sponsored by DARPA, the people who (among other things) hold contests to build cars that drive themselves.

The I Spy A Red Balloon team has pledged to donate all of the prize money to the American Red Cross. The entire team is volunteering their time, so absolutely no money will be used for any other purpose. Every dollar that the team wins from DARPA will be given directly to the Red Cross.

Again, go to ispyaredballoon.com to sign up and they will send you a reminder on Friday to look for the balloon. On launch day, their site will change, ready to accept your sighting details. They will provide a clickable map, or you can provide latitude and longitude if it’s available to you (using your phone or standalone GPS device). The names/nicknames of all contributors will be part of a poster to be published after the contest has finished.

Become a part of the I Spy a Red Balloon DARPA Challenge team today!

LA SantaCon 2009

VerdElf at SantaCon 2008 (Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff and the LA Times)
VerdElf at SantaCon 2008 (Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff and the LA Times)

Details about the annual Santa Conference (SantaCon) is usually unavailable this early in the year and the veracity of any information that does become available is often in question due to Santa’s propensity for pranking. What we do know is this, the annual conference is coordinated by a shadowy figure known only as “Santa” and while he sometimes tolerates elves at his annual gathering,  he will do anything it takes to keep those damn clowns from ruining his jolly good time.

While specific details about SantaCon are never revealed until it is actually happening, I just received some intel regarding this year’s event that may be helpful for those of you who are looking to either participate or avoid it altogether. My sources have informed me that this year’s event will take place on Saturday, December 12.

I am also told that Santa is likely to be traveling on foot instead of bus this year, which means a $5 Metro Day Pass is all you’re going to need to hurl your cheer onto every street corner.

Last year, Santa merged at Echo Park Lake to begin the conference. So far, no one has revealed the exact starting location of this year’s event, but to me downtown seems like an obvious choice. Then, you never really know with Santa.

Ho, ho, ho.

LA Opera’s First Ever Costume Shop Sale

Just in time for Halloween, the Los Angeles Opera distributed a press release today announcing their first ever costume sale. Over 2500 costume pieces will go sale this Saturday, October 10 from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

Fantasma De La Opera
Fantasma De La Opera

Pieces for sale will include everything ranging from complete “merry peasant” and “medieval courtier” costumes to individual pieces such as capes, hats, shoes and fans. Highlights of the collection include a number of “diva dresses,” stunning hand-crafted gowns worn by LA Opera’s leading ladies including Carol Vaness (La Traviata, Don Giovanni, The Merry Widow and La Rondine), Jennifer Larmore (L’Italiana in Algeri), Maria Ewing (Fedora), Verónica Villarroel (Idomeneo) and Karita Mattila (Jenufa), as well as costumes worn by superstar tenor Plácido Domingo (Un Ballo in Maschera and Idomeneo). From what I hear, there is only one latex Fly costume so get in line early if you want to nab that one!

Prices will range from $10 for accessories to $20 for hats and masks, complete costumes from $150 all the way up to $5,000 for couture pieces. Cash, check and credit cards are all accepted.

LA Opera is the fourth largest opera company in the United States. The Company’s Costume Shop is staffed by dozens Continue reading LA Opera’s First Ever Costume Shop Sale

Lights! Camera! Electropop!

"The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6
LIGHTS Debut Album, "The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6

I just found out that LIGHTS will be performing at the Troubadour on November 3rd!

For those of you unfamiliar with LIGHTS, she’s a tiny, Canadian, World of Warcraft playing, keytar wielding, comic-book-heroine-slash-intergalactic-electropop-artist. In other words, she’s totally my dream best friend (no offense to my actual best friends, but come on, you guys really need to step it up).

LIGHTS’ debut album “The Listening” will be released tomorrow (10/6), but the album is streaming in its entirety on LIGHTS’ Myspace page right now, so go check it out.

But wait, there’s more! LIGHTS is also starring in the cutest animated comic series on MTV and MTV.com called “Audio Quest.” You can watch the first episode here. Continue reading Lights! Camera! Electropop!

Utopia In Progress

Remember last week when I posted that rant about the garbage piling up next door? Well thanks to my friend Jonathan’s intel, I was able to track down the owner of the business and they hauled away all of the trash today! This renews my belief in the notion that one person (with the help of some well connected friends) can make a difference. I’d like to thank the owner of Natural Mind, Arnaud Ozharun for taking my complaint seriously, but above all, for taking action. Drinks are on me!

The Trash Pile No Longer Clutters Natural Mind's Parking Lot
Trash Pile No Longer Clutters Natural Mind's Parking Lot

Get Titillated for a Good Cause

BurlBingo-sept-webWhen I think about charity, the first image that pops into my head is a zipper busting troupe of lingerie-clad burlesque dancers surrounded by distressed wood paneled walls, Gothic mirrors, 200-year old architectural trappings, the smell of British gastro pub fare – and of course, bingo!

On Sunday, September 27, Royal Clayton’s and Legendary Bingo will host “Bingo Burlesque,” a regular event that occurs on the 4th Sunday of each month. The funds raised at the door benefit local and national charities. So you see, since this is all for a good cause, it may actually be the only time that you can get loaded and drool over nipple tassles without having to worry about going to H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICK, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, heathens.

On this sin approved evening, your $20 suggested donation will include a scorching Burlesque show, 10 thrilling games of heart pounding bingo and the hurts-so-good feeling that you are helping support a very special charity, Downtown Dog Rescue. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the show begins at 7:00 PM.

Downtown Dog Rescue was founded to assist the homeless community of dog owners. It is the only program in California, and possibly the United States, that specifically helps homeless dog owners spay/neuter, vaccinate, license their dogs, as well as offering a variety of services including crisis care, for the life of the dog.

Please call Royal Clayton’s at (213) 622-0512 to reserve a table for the event. Continue reading Get Titillated for a Good Cause

Upgrade To First Class Geek

This Thursday night, Layer 23 and The Good Hurt present Upgrade, a steamy night of geek chic electro featuring a rare live performance by the inseparable hetero-life partner duo who virtually invented the genre, Telesonic Commander.

Some of you may already know Telesonic Commander from their live Ustream shows (of which I am a frequent listener and fan). Based on those performances, I expect to see flashy jumpsuits, exotic mustaches and just a taste of loveless copulation. If you want to preview their sound, check out the track, “Game Set Match” here.

There will also be music by DJs D++, Delicious Mix and Aeon Flux, free giveaways by IHEARTCOMIX, photos by Matador y Toros and video visuals by Verdilak.

According to the event organizers, Upgrade is a night for “hip geeks” looking to get away from the crowded Hollywood spots and the 18+ dance clubs. The idea is to have a place where you can dance or just tuck your laptop into a dark corner and geek out while listening to some cool electro beats – everything from EBM to IDM, breakbeat to 8-Bit, Electroclash to Eurotrash.

Let Your Geek Flag Fly this Thursday Night
Let Your Geek Flag Fly this Thursday Night

“While we will make sure the music is danceable, we also want to encourage people to bring their PDAs and laptops and just sit in one of Continue reading Upgrade To First Class Geek

This Week In Los Angeles Fashion

Fashion Train Wreck
Fashion Train Wreck

Spotted this morning while waiting for the train, an Ed Hardy explosion. Here is a guy who is taking brand loyalty to the max. Wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, flip flops and carrying a messenger bag – all Ed Hardy branded, he is clearly making a statement. And that statement must be, “Sure, I may not appear to be very cool , but look, every piece of clothing I own is Ed Hardy so how you like me now, bitch?”

Here’s a fashion tip for you brand whores:  If you just must wear an article of clothing that prominently displays the name of the designer, just wear one piece at a time, mmk?

Half Off Funk Fest at The Greek Theatre

Morris Day will be performing at the Funkfest among others this Saturday at The Greek Theatre
Morris Day will be performing at the Funk Fest among others this Saturday at The Greek Theatre

This Saturday is the Funk Fest at The Greek Theatre featuring Morris Day (“Jungle Love”), S.O.S. Band (“Take Your Time (Do It Right)”), Zapp (“Computer Love”), Midnight Starr (“No Parking on the Dance Floor”) and Con Funk Shun (“Love’s Train”).

Goldstar is offering HALF price tickets, only $32.95 if you buy them at Goldstar.com.

If you’re into funk, then you already know that this show is not to be missed – and at half-off, even you noob-to-moderate funkateers should get up off your seats and get down with us this Saturday. See you there, Funk Army!

The Greek Theatre
2700 North Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90027