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As I was walking out of my favourite local chicken mole spot here on the Eastside (Alegria on Sunset) tonite, I was surprised and pleased to see the cover story of the most recent LA Weekly is about the amorphous cultural landscape known as KoreaTown. Apparently its in style now, with both the nightlife and food destinations now on the Angeleno barometer of places to see and be seen (did you know that KoreaTown claims the largest nightclub in all of Los Angeles?). I don’t really have a craving for korean clubbing and the practice of “booking” (a practice where club waitstaff play matchmaker and introduce men and women almost forcefully over $300 bottles of scotch), but I think Jonathan Gold’s list of Koreatown’s Top 40 eateries is quite keen.

Calling all Pilots!

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I live up the road from the Van Nuys airport and I have a hankering to get my pilots license. Anyone out there learn to fly there and can you recommend a school? I have a few in running but am looking for personal recommendations at this point. I’m going to go meet the teachers soon and see who I like but would really like some input. Any Flyboys/gals out there???

Recommended by Rabbi Xiao

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“Mandarin Deli?” Yes, as perplexing of a picture that combination of two words seem to paint, this small chain of LA chinese restaurants are indeed delis of a sort. No gefilte fish, Moishe. But can I offer you some boiled fish dumplings instead? Knishes? No can do, but they make a fantastic scallion cake that disappears quickly once one has married the flaky, oily pancake with a splash of vinegar and soy sauce. Tofu salad, made of “noodles” made from soy, slices of cucumber, and dressed in a refreshing cilantro dressing is a perfect prelude to any meal here. Or slices of cured beef and duck accompanied by preserved duck eggs, the asian persuasion take on classic cold cuts are an interesting and tasty appetizer. A personal favourite on the menu are the dozen or so noodle dishes, some dry (without soup) and others in rich broths. Almost every one of my visits include an order of the spicy chile noodle soup. The pork based broth’s coloration seems to signify the threat of a three-alarm fire. Like the feigned naughtiness of a Britney dance number, in actuality the soup’s hot factor is more imagined than real. The deep red broth is only caliente enough to induce a pleasing heat in the mouth, and the medium thickness noodles’ chewiness balance out the flavour to a slurp worthy experience.

But the real star of the Mandarin Deli menu is the fried potstickers. Somehow each potstickers is uniformly slightly golden brown and crisped on the flat bottomed side, while the top portion glistens in a moistened oily state that is the culinary equivalent of an aroused, baby-oiled Brooke Burke laying in a bed with the come hither look. In both cases, they’re going to get eaten. And eat them I do, splashed with more of the vinegar and soy sauce combination, sometimes with a healthy dollop of hot chile oil to take the experience to another level. Potstickers like these are meant to be scarfed down hot, burning your mouth the whole way down. But you’ll do it without regard because the taste makes each blistering bite worth it. Best of all, two people can walk away quite full for about $19. Now that’s a price that both LÈi Fong and Shlomo both can appreciate!

Mandarin Deli Restaurant, 9305 Reseda Blvd – Northridge, and, 356 E. 2nd St. – Little Tokyo

Gallery hopping

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I just made a ridiculously long post about six galleries I visited today while playing hooky from my own gallery. It was fun. Read all about it on the fabulous art.blogging.la

native transplants

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When my oral surgeon asked how long I’d been in California I told him 10 years.

I have no idea if that’s true because living in paradise, we have no clocks, calendars or passage of time at all.

It’s almost always summer, 70 degrees and sunny.

Everyone stays young forever. Even if you are 117.

All women have perfect large breasts, flawless hair, clothing and cars most people in fly-over country can only dream about.

My surgeon told me, “Oh, I would have thought you were a native by the looks of you.

And that’s when I knew he was lying.

But I do feel like a native — at least I’ve got the dream car even if I lack the saline filled hacky-sacks and swanky wardrobe.

Back when I first moved to California about ten years ago…I asked someone how to get to the highway. Their eyes crossed and they had a seizure.

Correcting myself quickly I said, “I need to find THE 101, where is the on-ramp to the freeway?” But it was too late. The EMT guys were very handsome, if anyone wonders.

These things quickly became rote to me.

Well at least two things that I can remember and only because my out of town guests always mention these particular Los Angeles speech oddities.

Namely, the “highway vs the freeway” and even more obvious that it’s not “I went to Ralph’s,” it’s I went to “THE Ralph’s.”

Being a virtual California native at this point, I’m sure I’ve forgotten the rest — or are we just immune to awareness of our own California speak?

William Gibson in LA

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Michael Pusateri writes in and says:

William Gibson, father of cyberpunk fiction, is on a book tour and coming to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles – Friday, February 6, 2004, 7:30 PM
Barnes & Noble, 10850 West Pico Boulevard
Discussion / Signing

Pasadena – Saturday, February 7, 2004, 7 PM
Vroman’s Bookstore, 695 E.Colorado Blvd
Reading / Discussion / Signing

BTW, Gibson has a blog.

Dual rainbows

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From my back porch in Encino we just had 2 nice rainbows. Sorry about the cable.


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You knew this was coming…the first off-shoot of blogging.la has arrived! As you can guess by the title, art.blogging.la will focus on the Los Angeles art scene to feature preview, reviews, interviews, and musing about galleries, artists, and museums in LA. I’m very excited as this is the first blog to concentrate solely on Los Angeles as well as to now be a part of the growing art blog community. For the moment, I’m the only writer but a couple other fabulous people will be on board soon to spice it up a little. So, check it out already and enjoy!


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sand_bags.jpg“The City of Los Angeles Fire Department and the Bureau of Street Services are helping residents prepare for floods and mudslides by providing sand bags at all fire stations. Up to 25 burlap bags, sand and plastic sheeting are available per household. Residents are invited to visit neighborhood fire stations for more information about storm related emergencies. In addition, large amounts of sand, plastic and burlap bags are available for delivery to designated local areas to assist in distributing these supplies.”

Translation: So everyone, go ahead and bring an umbrella to work tomorrow, it might sprinkle a little or something, and maybe don’t wear a shirt that will be ruined if it gets wet. Otherwise, nothing to worry about.

UPDATE: So right after I opened my stupid mouth the power went out for blocks around us and wasn’t restored until about 4am.

Meet Ray Kappe at DWR Beverly Hills

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“Ray’s own home may be the greatest house in all of Southern California.”
-Stephen Kanner, president, A + D (Architecture + Design) Museum

Fresh from a retrospective exhibition at the A + D Museum in West Hollywood, Ray Kappe FAIA, founder of SCI-Arc and architectural icon, will be in the Design Within Reach Beverly Hills Studio – sited in a 1972 Kappe-designed bank building – on Thursday, February 12, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Kappe will give an informal talk about his 50+-year career as an architect and the resulting projects that have come to shape Southern California’s architectural landscape, including the much-lauded wood and glass canyon residences he built in western L.A. County in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Following the talk will be a Q&A. Signed copies of the A + D Museum’s Ray Kappe: A Retrospective 1953-2003 catalog will be available for purchase during the event ($35 cash or check made out to A + D Museum).

If you can’t make it to the event, you can come by anytime between February 8 and February 25 during Studio hours to see the exhibition – featuring drawings, models, and photographs of Kappe’s work at the Beverly Hills Studio, courtesy of the A + D Museum.

Space is limited; please RSVP by Monday, February 9 to [email protected]

Ray Kappe at DWR’s Beverly Hills Studio / Thursday, February 12, 6:30pm-9:00pm / 9647 Brighton Way / For directions, click here

A + D Museum (new location at 8560 W. Sunset Blvd. west of La Cienega

Kori Newkirk Top Ten

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Los Angeles artist Kori Newkirk has the honor of listing his Top Ten in the new issue of Artforum. The first entry mentions the changing of downtown from an area where artists could once afford to live but now that they have “artists lofts” it’s too expensive.

The Fiery Furnaces tonight in Silverlake

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Buddyhead says:

“Yep, Monday Febuary 2nd, New York’s new hot ticket… The Fiery Furnaces will be rocking on the right coast of the country for once with some other band at the Silverlake Lounge in.. you guessed it… SILVERLAKE…. come check the bands, the bad hair cuts, and plus Travis will be playing records that no one wants to hear in between the bands and whenever else they let him… maybe over the bands too… we’ll see. By the way, we’ll no longer be djing at the beauty bar… so if you were going there to hear us play records, stop. We’ll annouce our new spot in the next few days….”


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Always on my mind, but once again, I just have to ask:

Los Bros Hernandez – suitable replacements for God?


San Diego bound

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I’m going to Etech for sure, and will be there Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I’ll be blogging it of course, leave a comment if you are and we’ll figure a way to meet up.

Ok, not L.A. related except…

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my friends and I were singing the Badger Song all day out into the ocean last weekend. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you…


Now the beauty of this is about 4 and a half minutes into the piece there is a HUGE payoff. Trust me. It’s fucking HILARIOUS!!!!

[UPDATE] It. Has. BEGUN!!!!!